New Bizible Integration for ROI Tracking and Marketing Analytics

Hello friends!

The folks here at SnapEngage have teamed up with a few friends over in Seattle and together we’ve cooked up a little something that is sure to cheer you up during these dark, frosty days (No, it’s not a box of chocolates. You’ll have to wait until the 14th for that).

We are excited to unveil our new integration with Bizible Marketing Analytics!

For those of you Salesforce users out there, read on. This new integration allows savvy marketers to combine the power of SnapEngage live chat with the marketing insights of Bizible, all within your Salesforce leads.  Continue reading “New Bizible Integration for ROI Tracking and Marketing Analytics”

Announcing New Advanced Proactive Live Chat

ProactiveV2ChatboxProactive chat is an excellent way to get your visitor’s attention when they come to your website and creates a wonderful opportunity for engagement. SnapEngage has always made a proactive chat feature available but we knew we could always improve upon it so that is why we are releasing our new Advanced Proactive Chat! With the advanced settings available now you are no longer limited to simply launching chat via time on page or having to code something up to launch a proactive programatically (those options still exists of course!). Continue reading “Announcing New Advanced Proactive Live Chat”

Announcing SnapEngage FaceBook Chat App: FaceBook now with twice the Social

We all know the benefits of using SnapEngage on our websites.  We are adding a human touch, a friendly hello and reaching out a helping hand; you know being social. Wouldn’t it be great if we could offer this same level of human interaction on places other than our website, you know somewhere REALLY social… somewhere like FaceBook? Ah FaceBook, currently the reigning champ of social media with more than 800 million active users! Of those users more than half log onto FaceBook EVERYDAY, and on average each user is connected to 80 pages (one of them might be yours). That is a very active, very powerful social group of people that probably want to chat with you, right on the page they visit on a daily basis…but unfortunately they can’t, or can they?

Take a moment and think about why your business even has a presence on FaceBook (other than the fact that 96% of small businesses already are!) You have a website and you want to drive traffic to your site but with more and more people spending time on FaceBook that’s less and less time they are spending on your website. A Facebook page is a great way for you to communicate with your fans and hopefully they will post and comment in return. Facebook pages are increasingly being used as an additional outlet for customer support and a way to drive traffic back to your website. With all the great features available to you as a page owner one thing that has been seriously lacking is the ability to have a one click chat capability, until now. Back in April we started working on a one click chat plugin for FaceBook based on suggestions from you, our amazing customers! In May of this year we secretly rolled out the plugin and there was much rejoicing.

Customer reception has been amazing, sales teams are ecstatic about the ability to capture interested leads via FaceBook and bring them back to the website via co-browsing. Customer supports teams have been doing the happy dance now able to interact directly with customers wherever they are and provide world class WOW!  Your custom chat forms even work directly in FaceBook, just take a look at what SkySlope did on their fan page.

Installing the SnapEngage Facebook plugin is actually quite fast and easy! Existing customers will login to their SnapEngage account and head over to the plugins tab, then click the Facebook image. You can find more detailed step by step instructions in the Facebook fan page live chat plugin help document as always feel free to come chat with us if you have any questions.

FaceBook is undoubtedly one of the most successful social platforms on the web today.  Now with the SnapEngage chat app for your pages you just became 100% more social. If you don’t have a SnapEngage account yet remember we do offer a free 15 day trial if you would like to test it out or share with a friend.

~Photo courtesy of Flickr user Snugg~

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Announcing SnapEngage Priority Tiers

At SnapEngage we are always listening to the feedback you give us and looking for ways to improve our service even more. Recently we released a new feature that will address a common challenge associated with effectively responding to chat requests. We have added the ability to create priority tiers for your agents so now you can segment your agents into easier to manage groups. Additionally you can assign a priority to each of those groups creating 1st responders, 2nd, 3rd and so on.

Here is a short video detailing how to use the new system so that you can create those multiple tiers for your live chat agents.

The way priority tiers work is proactive chats and new help requests will go to your Tier 1 agents first until those agents reach their maximum # of chats (by default it is set at 4 but you can change that in the Live Chat Tab -> Advanced section).

Once your Tier 1 agents reach capacity the system will move to the agents listed in Tier 2 using the same logic and them move onto Tier 3 and beyond as needed. Agents can always transfer a chat to another agent no matter what tier they are in with the transfer command.

Using priority tiers you will allow your agents to focus on their immediate tasks while at the same time reducing the chance that you will have visitors waiting in a queue to chat. As your chat requests increase the system will always scale up to the next tier of agents making them available when they are needed most. When chat volume is low and can easily be handled by your tier 1 agents this allows your higher tier agents to focus on other tasks.

Using tiers is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of your team and always make sure you are providing world class service to your customers and constantly creating new friends!

SnapEngage Call Me Feature Now with Twice the Cake

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Now SnapEngage live chat features include advanced Call Me. Your website visitors can place a Call Me directly thru their computer using a headset or mic and speakers to call from anywhere in the world for Free! <for more details see below>

In an age where more and more business is being conducted on the Internet we are often confronted with challenges that have never existed before. When you stroll down to the local shop “Awesome 3ft Cakes” there is a helpful clerk at the cash register, perhaps someone stocking shelves maybe even a baker proudly displaying tarts and treats. When you stop to admire the cornucopia of goods you will most likely get a personal greeting.

“Hello, thank you for visiting. How may I help you?”

“Actually yes I was wondering about that beautiful triple chocolate 3ft monstrosity you have there, is it raspberry filling?” you ask sheepishly.

Typical interactions to say the least and most likely you now want cake.

Let’s fast forward now and throw in a bit of teleportation for good measure placing you in front of your computer but on vacation in Papua New Guinea. You just remembered you need a cake delivered to your house on the day you return to the States but completely forgot! Quickly you go to Well they have a great collection of photos to browse through but you have some questions, what to do? Thankfully you notice a pop up in the lower portion of your screen with a picture of the baker.

“Hello, thank you for visiting. How may I help you?”

“Actually yes you can, but please forgive my slow typing. I was injured in a Wolverine washing incident earlier today.” You sheepishly type back.

“No worries just click the Call Me button and we can talk on the phone or even through your computer using your mic and speakers.”

“No way!” you painfully single finger type back wondering what type of witchery is this?

Throwing caution to the wind you eagerly click on the Call Me button and are presented with two options

Well seeing as your headset was already plugged into the computer and not relishing the thought of reaching into your pocket for the cellphone with all the bandaging on your hands; why not… here it goes, you click the Call from my Computer icon. A small pop up comes into view asking you to allow access to your microphone and webcam but knowing that this is a voice call there is no need to primp your hair.

“It’s ringing!” your inner monologue exclaims. Then you are greeted by the sultry sounds of your local baker who proceeds to direct your page to a variety of lovely cakes while you chat away using nothing more than your headset giving your battered fingers a rest.

Not only was the day saved and the cake ordered you were so impressed with the awesome service and realizing how many people you would need to feed you upgraded to the 6ft cake. Also turns out the baker used to be a professional Wolverine wrestler and had some helpful tips for you to try next time. Reflecting on an amazing vacation you lay your head down and think to yourself I’ve got to check out that SnapEngage when I get home, THEN my site will truly rock!

Ancient wisdom and a new integration, meet LeadFormix

Sun Tzu a 6th century Chinese General once said, “If you know others and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles”. Sometimes doing business feels a little bit like you are sauntering out onto the field of battle ready to tackle an enormous force rallied against you. When faced with such a challenge it always helps to be prepared and level the playing field anyway you can. If you are an intrepid general then you already know the power that is SnapEngage and wield it with strategic fervor. Now what about knowing others? Thanks to a new upgrade in your SnapEngage arsenal now you can know even MORE!

We are pleased to announce our newest integration with LeadFormix. “Hold the press!” you say, “just what is this LeadFormix aside from having a really cool name?” Well why don’t I let them tell you a bit more:

LeadFormix is a highly proactive, cloud based, B2B Marketing Automation 2.0 platform that helps identify and create sales opportunities by measuring visitor intent. It provides unmatched actionable intelligence to qualify opportunity accurately and provide a scalable solution for targeted response, using a state of the art data mining engine

Well if that doesn’t sound like a battlefield upgrade I don’t know what does! Now at the start of your chats you will automatically receive detailed company information like address, phone, website, # of employees and industry.

To enable LeadFormix with you SnapEngage account simply go to the Plugins section in your SnapEngage account:

  1. Click on the LeadFormix logo
  2. Check the box to enable the integration
  3. Put in your LeadFormix Username and API Key
  4. Click Save

It is as simple as that, now go win!

SnapEngage + Chat and Screen Share Join Forces

We have been very busy over in the SnapEngage laboratory cooking up all sorts of exciting new features, integrations & plugins. Thankfully we have managed to keep the explosions to a minimum *this time*. From this magic mix of toil, sweat and creativity we have given life to our latest plugin! Today we would like to invite you to join us in welcoming!

Now you are most likely asking yourself, “Self, what is” Well let me tell you, may be the simplest screen share app we have ever met, period. Direct from their site:

“It’s an impromptu online meeting space, the opportunity to share your screen to collaborate, meet, train, demo or show-off, and the last two words in an invitation.

I don’t think I have to tell you just how awesome chat + screen share is. In the history of matches made in heaven there is peanut butter + jelly, peanut butter + chocolate, peanut butter +… well you get the idea and then there was SnapEngage +

Here you can see Jerome showing a customer his back end.

With the plugin you can now start a screen share directly from a chat with a visitor. There are actually two ways you can use

  • 1st you can use share to start a session with your website visitors. (Places the agent in control of the visitor’s screen)
  • 2nd you can use view to provide your website visitor with a screen sharing link. (Allows the visitor to share his screen with the agent)

To get started using this great plugin simply login to your SnapEngage account and go to the “Plugins” tab. If you don’t yet have a account do not fear we have included a link to sign up for their free trial.

As always we want to hear from you, how do you think will impact your business? What cool creative ways will it allow to you to provide awesome customer service?

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