Ancient wisdom and a new integration, meet LeadFormix

Sun Tzu a 6th century Chinese General once said, “If you know others and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles”. Sometimes doing business feels a little bit like you are sauntering out onto the field of battle ready to tackle an enormous force rallied against you. When faced with such a challenge it always helps to be prepared and level the playing field anyway you can. If you are an intrepid general then you already know the power that is SnapEngage and wield it with strategic fervor. Now what about knowing others? Thanks to a new upgrade in your SnapEngage arsenal now you can know even MORE!

We are pleased to announce our newest integration with LeadFormix. “Hold the press!” you say, “just what is this LeadFormix aside from having a really cool name?” Well why don’t I let them tell you a bit more:

LeadFormix is a highly proactive, cloud based, B2B Marketing Automation 2.0 platform that helps identify and create sales opportunities by measuring visitor intent. It provides unmatched actionable intelligence to qualify opportunity accurately and provide a scalable solution for targeted response, using a state of the art data mining engine

Well if that doesn’t sound like a battlefield upgrade I don’t know what does! Now at the start of your chats you will automatically receive detailed company information like address, phone, website, # of employees and industry.

To enable LeadFormix with you SnapEngage account simply go to the Plugins section in your SnapEngage account:

  1. Click on the LeadFormix logo
  2. Check the box to enable the integration
  3. Put in your LeadFormix Username and API Key
  4. Click Save

It is as simple as that, now go win!