Messaging and Live Chat Release Notes: January 2023

Product enhancements

•  Upcoming Channels: Continued to make final stage progress on upcoming WhatsApp Business and Google Business Messages channels integration functionality (will be released shortly in Q1 2023).
•  Supervisor enhancements: Added pagination functionality to Supervisor in order to improve the user experience, particularly for customers that handle high volumes of concurrent chats (50 – 100+). This makes it much easier for supervisors to sort through large batches of active conversations. We’ve also made some minor performance improvements as part of this work. We are continuing to investigate additional Supervisor performance enhancements for high volume accounts (particularly when it comes to chat loading times and overall speed).

Bug fixes

•  SAP Integration: Addressed a bug which caused a “bad request” error message when using the new /relatedticket= command. This bug caused the integration to fail and the chat transcript to not be sent successfully to SAP.
•  Addressed a bug which caused some UI inconsistencies and display issues specifically when using the Dark Mode option inside the Messaging Hub.
•  Addressed a bug which caused conversations from returning visitors to display with a “New conversation” notification.
•  Addressed a bug which caused chat event timestamps to appear in the wrong order.
•  Supervisor: Addressed a bug which caused the sorting functionality within the Supervisor Live Monitor view to not sort displayed conversations properly when toggling order based on table headers (Visitor, Agent, Widget, Duration, Coming from, and Whisper).