Messaging and Live Chat Release Notes: February 2023

Product enhancements

•  New Channel: WhatsApp Business: We’ve released the new channel integration with WhatsApp Business. Help your customers reach you with the scale of WhatsApp Business. Customers can now reach out to you via your WhatsApp Business number. Integrate your TeamSupport account with WhatsApp Business and bring all your conversations from WhatsApp Business directly into TeamSupport Messaging and Live Chat. You can then have customers interact with either chatbots or live agents. Contact your Customer Success Manager or Sales Account Executive to learn more and add the new WhatsApp channel to your account.
•  We’ve added a new data column to the downloaded Logs and the Logs API called “Chat closed by.” This helps teams with overall chat reporting needs as well as with conversation quality assurance monitoring.

Coming Soon: Stay tuned to learn more about the upcoming launch of Screen Sharing along with the upcoming launch of the new Google Business Messages channel for TeamSupport Messaging and Live Chat.

Bug fixes

•  Addressed a bug where the auto-scroll feature (which automatically scrolls down to the bottom of the transcript view whenever a new message is sent from the visitor) does not always work in the Messaging Hub. This ensures that agents do not accidentally miss new messages.
•  Addressed a bug which caused minimized proactive chat messages to not display the correct font type for the following fonts: Montserrat Regular, Open Sans.
•  Addressed a bug which caused the visitor chat box’s message input area to incorrectly pre-populate with text from the agent at random intervals.
•  Addressed a Supervisor bug which caused the whisper input area to appear as “active” for agents which had the whisper feature disabled in the Admin Dashboard. Even though agents were not able to actually send any whisper messages during this time, this bug created a false impression that the whisper functionality was currently enabled.
•  Addressed a Facebook Messenger channel bug which caused certain agents to see a “failed to send message” error message during some conversations occurring on the Facebook channel.