Announcing New Advanced Proactive Live Chat

ProactiveV2ChatboxProactive chat is an excellent way to get your visitor’s attention when they come to your website and creates a wonderful opportunity for engagement. SnapEngage has always made a proactive chat feature available but we knew we could always improve upon it so that is why we are releasing our new Advanced Proactive Chat! With the advanced settings available now you are no longer limited to simply launching chat via time on page or having to code something up to launch a proactive programatically (those options still exists of course!).

The first thing you will want to do if you haven’t already is head over to the SnapEngage Help Portal and read up on migrating from the old version of proactive chat to the advanced version. To save you time you can click over there right now and learn what steps you need to take in migrating.

Once you have that setup (just a quick click and a save really) you are going to be very excited to start fiddling with all those amazing new settings! Try to contain your excitement though and hop over for a very thorough walk through on how to configure all that goodness and read our guide on rule configuration.

Just to whet your appetite let’s take a look at what types of triggers you have available and what they can do:

  • Page URL – (If a visitor is on your pricing page pop up a message about pricing)
  • Coming From URL – (Let’s say they came from a partner site, thank them in your proactive message)
  • Search Keywords – (Your visitor searched for something “awesome” tell them you have just the thing!)
  • Javascript Variables – (set some of your own JS code to execute something specific)
  • Time on Page – (After they have been on the page for 1 minute might be a good idea to pop up and say hi)
  • Time on Site – (Let’s say they have been on the site for 5 minutes, pretty good chance they have a question now)
  • Country – (You can have a message for a country or even no message depending on where the visitor is coming from)
  • State – (Say “Hi neighbor!” to anyone visiting from your home state)
  • City – (How is the weather in Boulder today?”)
  • Language – (¡Hola! Gracias por visitarnos. ¿Cómo le puedo ayudar? if their browser is configured to Spanish)
  • Time of Day – (Great idea to say good morning or profess your love of Mondays!)
  • New Visitor? – (You must be new around these parts, anything I can help you with partner?)
  • Did the visitor chat before? – (Now you can welcome them back!)
  • Number of pages visited – (After going to 3 pages take the chance to check in with your visitor)
  • Number of clicks on page – (Notice they are clicking on the page, they might be stuck, good time to pop up)
  • Visitor scrolls to – (Particular part of your page have really great content, offer to tell them EVEN more)
  • Is the visitor about to exit the page? – (Take the opportunity to wish them a great day or catch them before they leave the page)

I bet your creative juices are flowing now! As you can see there are many, many new triggers and ways that you can construct them. Now just like Spiderman with great power comes great responsibility and there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. As you are creating the best proactive rules ever you are going to want to pay attention to how you order them in the configurator.

  • Rules you create that are very specific should be placed at the top of the list
  • Rules that are broad should be placed below the specific rules

As an example:

Specific Rule vs Broad

Now you have the power to go out and create Amazing Proactive Messages that will dazzle and delight your website visitors! Share your most effective/creative/zany rule below in the comments, winner gets a high five!