Announcing SnapEngage Priority Tiers

At SnapEngage we are always listening to the feedback you give us and looking for ways to improve our service even more. Recently we released a new feature that will address a common challenge associated with effectively responding to chat requests. We have added the ability to create priority tiers for your agents so now you can segment your agents into easier to manage groups. Additionally you can assign a priority to each of those groups creating 1st responders, 2nd, 3rd and so on.

Here is a short video detailing how to use the new system so that you can create those multiple tiers for your live chat agents.

The way priority tiers work is proactive chats and new help requests will go to your Tier 1 agents first until those agents reach their maximum # of chats (by default it is set at 4 but you can change that in the Live Chat Tab -> Advanced section).

Once your Tier 1 agents reach capacity the system will move to the agents listed in Tier 2 using the same logic and them move onto Tier 3 and beyond as needed. Agents can always transfer a chat to another agent no matter what tier they are in with the transfer command.

Using priority tiers you will allow your agents to focus on their immediate tasks while at the same time reducing the chance that you will have visitors waiting in a queue to chat. As your chat requests increase the system will always scale up to the next tier of agents making them available when they are needed most. When chat volume is low and can easily be handled by your tier 1 agents this allows your higher tier agents to focus on other tasks.

Using tiers is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of your team and always make sure you are providing world class service to your customers and constantly creating new friends!