Messaging and Live Chat Release Notes: October 2022

Product enhancements

•  Supervisor: Made additional improvements to Supervisor in order to further mitigate performance issues that were previously identified in September (i.e. loading delays). We will continue to release even more performance optimizations in the upcoming weeks to further improve the user experience for Supervisor (including adding pagination to Supervisor in early 2023 to further improve the experience particularly for high chat volume customers).

Bug fixes

•  Addressed a bug where the Destination Log information was not present in various viewcase links.
•  Addressed a bug that affected the SAP integration and caused an inability to properly link chats to existing SAP tickets.
•  Addressed a bug in the Messaging Analytics which caused the Average Time in Queue and Average Wait Time metrics to have some inconsistencies.
•  Addressed a bug where certain customers were logged out of the Hub due to inactivity even in cases where the session activity setting was disabled in the Admin Dashboard.