SnapEngage Call Me Feature Now with Twice the Cake

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Now SnapEngage live chat features include advanced Call Me. Your website visitors can place a Call Me directly thru their computer using a headset or mic and speakers to call from anywhere in the world for Free! <for more details see below>

In an age where more and more business is being conducted on the Internet we are often confronted with challenges that have never existed before. When you stroll down to the local shop “Awesome 3ft Cakes” there is a helpful clerk at the cash register, perhaps someone stocking shelves maybe even a baker proudly displaying tarts and treats. When you stop to admire the cornucopia of goods you will most likely get a personal greeting.

“Hello, thank you for visiting. How may I help you?”

“Actually yes I was wondering about that beautiful triple chocolate 3ft monstrosity you have there, is it raspberry filling?” you ask sheepishly.

Typical interactions to say the least and most likely you now want cake.

Let’s fast forward now and throw in a bit of teleportation for good measure placing you in front of your computer but on vacation in Papua New Guinea. You just remembered you need a cake delivered to your house on the day you return to the States but completely forgot! Quickly you go to Well they have a great collection of photos to browse through but you have some questions, what to do? Thankfully you notice a pop up in the lower portion of your screen with a picture of the baker.

“Hello, thank you for visiting. How may I help you?”

“Actually yes you can, but please forgive my slow typing. I was injured in a Wolverine washing incident earlier today.” You sheepishly type back.

“No worries just click the Call Me button and we can talk on the phone or even through your computer using your mic and speakers.”

“No way!” you painfully single finger type back wondering what type of witchery is this?

Throwing caution to the wind you eagerly click on the Call Me button and are presented with two options

Well seeing as your headset was already plugged into the computer and not relishing the thought of reaching into your pocket for the cellphone with all the bandaging on your hands; why not… here it goes, you click the Call from my Computer icon. A small pop up comes into view asking you to allow access to your microphone and webcam but knowing that this is a voice call there is no need to primp your hair.

“It’s ringing!” your inner monologue exclaims. Then you are greeted by the sultry sounds of your local baker who proceeds to direct your page to a variety of lovely cakes while you chat away using nothing more than your headset giving your battered fingers a rest.

Not only was the day saved and the cake ordered you were so impressed with the awesome service and realizing how many people you would need to feed you upgraded to the 6ft cake. Also turns out the baker used to be a professional Wolverine wrestler and had some helpful tips for you to try next time. Reflecting on an amazing vacation you lay your head down and think to yourself I’ve got to check out that SnapEngage when I get home, THEN my site will truly rock!