Announcing SnapEngage FaceBook Chat App: FaceBook now with twice the Social

We all know the benefits of using SnapEngage on our websites.  We are adding a human touch, a friendly hello and reaching out a helping hand; you know being social. Wouldn’t it be great if we could offer this same level of human interaction on places other than our website, you know somewhere REALLY social… somewhere like FaceBook? Ah FaceBook, currently the reigning champ of social media with more than 800 million active users! Of those users more than half log onto FaceBook EVERYDAY, and on average each user is connected to 80 pages (one of them might be yours). That is a very active, very powerful social group of people that probably want to chat with you, right on the page they visit on a daily basis…but unfortunately they can’t, or can they?

Take a moment and think about why your business even has a presence on FaceBook (other than the fact that 96% of small businesses already are!) You have a website and you want to drive traffic to your site but with more and more people spending time on FaceBook that’s less and less time they are spending on your website. A Facebook page is a great way for you to communicate with your fans and hopefully they will post and comment in return. Facebook pages are increasingly being used as an additional outlet for customer support and a way to drive traffic back to your website. With all the great features available to you as a page owner one thing that has been seriously lacking is the ability to have a one click chat capability, until now. Back in April we started working on a one click chat plugin for FaceBook based on suggestions from you, our amazing customers! In May of this year we secretly rolled out the plugin and there was much rejoicing.

Customer reception has been amazing, sales teams are ecstatic about the ability to capture interested leads via FaceBook and bring them back to the website via co-browsing. Customer supports teams have been doing the happy dance now able to interact directly with customers wherever they are and provide world class WOW!  Your custom chat forms even work directly in FaceBook, just take a look at what SkySlope did on their fan page.

Installing the SnapEngage Facebook plugin is actually quite fast and easy! Existing customers will login to their SnapEngage account and head over to the plugins tab, then click the Facebook image. You can find more detailed step by step instructions in the Facebook fan page live chat plugin help document as always feel free to come chat with us if you have any questions.

FaceBook is undoubtedly one of the most successful social platforms on the web today.  Now with the SnapEngage chat app for your pages you just became 100% more social. If you don’t have a SnapEngage account yet remember we do offer a free 15 day trial if you would like to test it out or share with a friend.

~Photo courtesy of Flickr user Snugg~

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