Contact Centers Continue to Find New Ways to Optimize Live Chat

(Today’s Guest Post is brought to you by Scott Brand with Inspirations for Youth Rehab sharing with us some of their successes and thoughts on using live chat)

It is quite obvious that the love affair that consumers have had with Live Chat continues to get stronger and stronger. And the numbers speak for themselves. According to eDigital’s live bank survey, conducted by Econsutancy, a renowned international research and customer service training group, Live Chat has the highest satisfaction level of any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email, 53% for Apps, 50% for posts, 48% for Social Media, 44% for phone, and 41% for SMS. Continue reading “Contact Centers Continue to Find New Ways to Optimize Live Chat”

New Feature: Sneak Peek for chat

SneakPeakTextPreviewWouldn’t it be great if you could read your visitor’s minds? Get a glimpse into their questions and thought process before they send you a question? Just a little peek so you can work on having the best answer in the world prepared and look super responsive to boot? Well guess what you no longer have to be a super hero with x-ray vision or mind reading capabilities. You don’t even need to attend the 3 week mail in, online, by phone undergraduate course from the local Boulder psychic institute to be able to have insight into your customer’s questions before you actually see them! Continue reading “New Feature: Sneak Peek for chat”

SnapEngage Chat Now Mobile Optimized

mobile notification

As we all know, mobile devices are taking over the world. A few statistics to whet your appetite:

  • 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone
  • 50% of mobile phone users, use mobile as their primary means of browsing the web
  • 72% of tablet owners purchase via their tablets each week

That’s a bunch of impressive numbers which should resonate with anyone reading this… especially since there’s a high probability that you’re reading this on a mobile device yourself. (If you detach the laptop from the power cord that makes it mobile right? Just don’t want anyone to feel left out.)

So what has SnapEngage been doing to address this mountain of data? We have been secretly working away in our laboratory hidden on an unnamed South Pacific island beneath an active volcano. The combination of liquid-hot magma and brilliant minds at work has produced something rather magical; a fully optimized chat experience for your mobile visitors! Continue reading “SnapEngage Chat Now Mobile Optimized”

Announcing New Advanced Proactive Live Chat

ProactiveV2ChatboxProactive chat is an excellent way to get your visitor’s attention when they come to your website and creates a wonderful opportunity for engagement. SnapEngage has always made a proactive chat feature available but we knew we could always improve upon it so that is why we are releasing our new Advanced Proactive Chat! With the advanced settings available now you are no longer limited to simply launching chat via time on page or having to code something up to launch a proactive programatically (those options still exists of course!). Continue reading “Announcing New Advanced Proactive Live Chat”

SnapEngage Live Chat & Integration gets an update

desk-com-logo-white (1)Today we are excited to offer a new, improved, and more powerful SnapEngage and integration! recently notified us that they were releasing a new API that had more capabilities than you could shake a stick at (although one should never shake a stick, especially if there is a nest of angry wasps attached to it). The great news is that we have completed the update to our integration thanks to the new API from Desk, the not so great news is that the old version of the API will no longer function in the coming months so you will want to make sure you complete the migration soon. For instructions on enabling the newest version of the integration please follow this guide to join these two powerful tools together.

There are a plethora of improvements in this update, yes I said plethora! For starters, connecting SnapEngage and Continue reading “SnapEngage Live Chat & Integration gets an update”

Announcing our SnapEngage WordPress Plugin

wordpress logoAs you may or may not know, WordPress is a web software — or Content Management System (CMS) — that allows you to create amazing websites and blogs. Some of the top websites in the world use WordPress to create and manage their websites with ease. By last count it was upwards of 60 million!

One of the hallmarks of WordPress is its ease of use, with a multitude of themes, widgets, and plugins that can be enabled with just a few clicks. Today we would like to announce our brand spanking new SnapEngage plugin for WordPress!

Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress user, or you just always wanted to take it for a spin, you’ll never have to create another website without SnapEngage Live Chat ever again. To grab your SnapEngage Live Chat plugin head on over to the WordPress Plugin Page!

The process is simple and straightforward, but just in case you have any trouble, we created a detailed guide to walk you through the process of installing the plugin.

Announcing an Updated Zendesk Integration

Today we are happy to announce an update to our Zendesk integration that brings many new improvements and enhancements to an already awesome integration!

In a nutshell things to look for are:

  • Improved custom field mapping (the ability for SnapEngage to automagically map specific data to a field in Zendesk)
  • Conditional mapping (every single mapping can now be for online, offline or both!)
  • Validation of Zendesk connection (indicator that we have successfully connected)
  • No longer need to use your password to establish a connection

Now let’s learn how to do all that!

Migrate to ZenDesk V2

The 1st thing you will notice in your account is the notification alert above, click the link to begin the migration to the new version. If you don’t see this notification make sure that you have selected your widget that contains a Zendesk integration.

You will then have a pop up to confirm your desire to migrate and a new screen that requests your Zendesk token. This token can be found in your Zendesk account under Settings > Channels > API. Copy your Zendesk token and paste it into the token field in SnapEngage.

ZenDesk Token

Now you will want to click Validate Connection and if successful you will see:


It really is that simple! Now that you are connected you can click the Advanced drop down and begin to test out the new custom mapping option. One of the great things is now you won’t have to remember any strange ID values for your custom fields, we will actually pull any that you have created and display them in the drop down directly.

Zendesk Conditional Mapping

The toggles on the left indicate how you would like us to handle each particular mapping:

  • If the speak bubble is selected then the mapping will only apply to live chats.
  • If the Envelope is selected then only offline messages.
  • If both are selected then the mapping will be applied to both.

To learn more about mapping data to custom fields you can read up on it in our help portal here.

Someone is having a birthday…

Web Client BirthdayToday the SnapEngage Web Client turns one year old! Can you believe it has already been a year since we introduced this burbling, burping, bundle of bits and bytes into the world?! They grow up so fast *sniffle*… ah but what an exciting year it has been! There have been many back end improvements to the stability of the client to make sure it is running in tip top shape and shuffling communications between your visitors and agents at lightning speed. To highlight a few: Continue reading “Someone is having a birthday…”

New Feature: Team Messaging for Web Client

Team Chat Room
A great way to get help from your team (and even though Jerome didn’t like my meme… see what I did right there?)

Announcing an exciting new feature today as we have decided to “Pimp your Web Client” with the added ability to have chats with your team members directly inside the web client, no need to use an external service. If you are currently using the Google Talk integration or the Skype integration and have been holding out on making the switch because your team uses those tools to chat amongst themselves, wait no more! Continue reading “New Feature: Team Messaging for Web Client”

For The Developer In Your Life, A SnapEngage Treasure Chest

Pondering PugHave you ever wanted to fiddle with a SnapEngage setting? Do you often find yourself pondering the impossible and wondering, “What if?”

If you or someone you know is suffering from this condition known as “changealtertweakcustomizeritis” do not fear as we have just the solution for you.

Announcing! A new site dedicated to the developer/geek/code monkey/pretty much the most awesome person you know in your life that is always searching for the holy grail of APIs, functions and things called “snippets”!

This amazing repository of knowledge is an ever evolving knowledge base with a technical focus that endeavors to collect and maintain all things SnapEngage developer related. You will find things like presetting email addresses for logged in customers, changing proactive timers, even disabling sounds! Stop on by or send your favorite developer the link so that they can dig right in and start coming up with all sorts of new things to test, try, and experiment with. Trust me you will be glad you did!