Law Firm Tech Tools Increase Client Acquisition

When people are looking for legal advice, 96% of the time they start online. This is why 70% of law firms land new cases through their website. This data alone should be enough for law firms to look at new ways to engage their web traffic with law firm tech tools that increase their client base. 

In this article, we’ll show you how live chat can help you acquire new clients while decreasing overhead and improving efficiency.


The pandemic revealed the need for law firm tech tools


Many legal firms struggled during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic because social distancing restrictions made it difficult to cater to new prospects and manage administrative functions. 

Law firms with traditional physical infrastructures that had not yet adopted tech tools lagged by 40% in revenue compared to their tech-adopting counterparts by August 2020.


Law firm tech tools like live chat expand market reach 


79% of consumers say they prefer live chat purely because of its immediacy compared to other channels. Legal clients are no different. 

Live chat offers prospects assistance with their legal queries and routes website visitors to the correct legal department — automatically. 

Not only does live chat improve administrative efficiency, but it also presents site visitors with more options and frees up your teams to work on more pressing cases.  

When website visitors are satisfied quickly, it builds trust. People looking to retain counsel for legal services are seeking a firm they can trust.


Measurable goal:

  • Improve administrative efficiency
  • Increase client base


  • Set up widgets for separate departments
  • Answer visitors’ queries with a custom bot before routing them


  • Streamlined client routing saves time and overhead 
  • Satisfied visitors are more likely to retain your firm

Quickstart law firm tech toolkit


#1 — Chatbot combinations for teams with multiple specialized departments:  

Your team may have multiple departments to cover different legal services such as Business Law, Commercial Real Estate, Litigation, etc. 

You can easily set up widgets for separate departments. Name each widget according to the department, e.g. Business Law. Add the relevant agents in the Business Law department to the widget — press Save — Repeat for each department. 

Guide Bot can route the chat to the appropriate department, and capture visitor information for follow up.

BONUS: You can do this with geolocation for law offices in different locations. Ask us how.


#2 – Add a knowledge base that the Answer Bot will search to send answers to prospects:

Answer Bots can supercharge your blog and website. They’re able to integrate in various ways with a variety of knowledge bases — such as Google Programmable Search

Google Programmable Search can turn any website and blog into a powerful knowledge base. It performs information lookups and passes that information directly back to the Answer Bot. 

You can also integrate Answer Bot with other knowledge bases like WordPress, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc. 

Bonus: You can use a knowledge base to send information to human agents. Great for onboarding! 


Law firm tech tools for success:


Correctly segment departments with Widgets

Instantly direct visitors to the correct department with Guide Bot

Provide a consistent client experience across all conversations with Answer Bots


Simple law firm tech tools that grow your firm without the overhead


Let chatbots direct clients to the correct department instantly— and go one step further to answer their questions in their first conversation. Triage new client requests using levels of chatbots. 

Our platform is highly flexible and customizable. We can work with your team to implement any number and combination of strategies.

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2 Ways Live Chat Increases Patient Loyalty

Marketing experts agree that it costs much less to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. Yet many health care organizations struggle with finding cost-effective ways to increase retention rates and patient loyalty. Live chat increases patient loyalty in two effortless ways.

Loyal patients have a higher customer lifetime value than one-time visitors. Patients that trust you are simply more receptive to expanded and adjacent products and services. 

Every touchpoint you have with a patient increases the likelihood that they’ll stay loyal to your practice — and even provide referrals. 

Don’t let returning clients feel as if they are first-time visitors. What are you doing to let your existing patients know that you care about them?

With live chat, you can automatically create a custom experience for returning patients on your site to foster patient loyalty. 

Reward loyal customers


Goal:  Increase patient loyalty.
How:  Dynamic engagement through personalized messaging.
Outcome:  Patients feel cared for and are more likely to stay loyal.


Show your patients you remember them


1)  Show your patients you remember them with Proactive Chat

Returning patients are often treated as if they are first-time visitors to your site. 

Imagine the difference your patients feel when they visit your site, and you can instantly show them you remember them by using their first name. 

Depending on where they are on your site, these rules can also be customized to guide them swiftly to a resolution.

If they are on the scheduling page, for example, you can create personalized messages that even note the date of their last appointment. 

This is the difference between a generic greeting and  “Great to see you again, Sarah! Your last appointment was (date). Would you like to schedule an appointment?” 

Let your patients know you care about them


2)  Deliver extra value using Javascript variables. 

Simply showing patients that you care goes a long way. Recognize returning customers with something thoughtful — such as wishing them a happy birthday. 

SnapEngage automatically collects data from site visitors you’re chatting with — but sometimes it can be useful to collect additional information depending on your needs. 

Additional information can be collected in the form of Javascript variables — and can be anything you like. You make the rules.

You can choose to automatically insert any variable data from your site or application into your messages —  all while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Tools to increase patient loyalty


Enhance your patient portal to send personalized messages to patients 
Include focused messaging contextual to each patient with Proactive Chat
Recognize milestones and celebrate accordingly using Javascript variables 

Don’t miss the opportunity to nurture your existing patient relationships with every interaction. Two simple tools in your tool box can make a big difference in building a solid patient base.

Proactive Chat and Javascript variables allow you the flexibility to create dynamic engagement with your patients and customize messaging according to your needs. 

SnapEngage live chat increases patient loyalty by showing patients that you remember them — and that you care. 

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3 Simple Site Tools to Optimize Real Estate Lead Conversions

Your Site May Be Losing Real Estate Lead Conversions

Many real estate sites try to capture real estate lead data with site-native forms. Offering forms on your site can pull in valuable lead data, but they traditionally have a low conversion rate because most people simply don’t like filling them out. Turning off those visitors with intent can affect your real estate lead conversions. 

When faced with a form, many visitors will bounce. But those visitors that do take the time to fill them out can turn into quality leads. How do you capture real estate lead data and keep the site visitor engaged if they don’t want to fill out the form? 

Give visitors real-time options with some simple tools to get the best of both worlds and cast a wider net. Ask visitors to fill out forms on your site, but give them a way to bypass the form and go directly to an agent with a few simple steps.

Engage with your visitor to guide them where they need to go

The Measurable Goal: Capture high-value data while increasing real estate lead conversions.
The Obstacle: How do you collect valuable data without losing traffic? 
The Solution: Offer the form on your pages but give visitors the ability to opt-out. Then you can use a bot to drive visitors directly where they need to go, such as an agent.

On pages with forms, you have several options to present the opportunity to both collect visitor lead data and engage leads. 

Choose your own adventure 

1. Give visitors the option when they come in with Guide Bot. Include a bot that initiates when the visitor lands on your page. The bot gives them two options:

  1. Fill out the form, or
  2. Skip the form and go to an agent.

2. Show the form first but give them an option later. When a visitor lands on your site, show the form first. If the form is not filled out, or a certain amount of time has passed, you can initiate the bot to give them the option to skip the form and chat directly with an agent.

3. Engage them before they leave your page. Show them the form first, if no action is taken and the visitor is about to leave the page, initiate the bot so they can skip the form with Engagement Saver.  This Proactive Chat rule monitors a visitor’s cursor movement to trigger a Pop-up chat when your user is about to abandon the page. 

Real Estate Lead Conversion Tools for Success Recap:

Automatically nudge visitors who might be at risk of leaving without first engaging with your business with Proactive Chat.
Gently guide visitors to the right place (e.g. an agent, scheduling too, FAQ) with Guide Bot.
Capture traffic before they leave with Engagement Saver.

Competition for real estate leads can be fierce. SnapEngage tools provide you with 24/7 coverage to avoid those opportunities for a lead to lose interest. Automate your personalized  marketing to capture valuable lead data and engage high-intent traffic — and start filling your calendar with showings.

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Streamline Real Estate Scheduling From Your Site

When first-time prospects seeking appointments land on your site, how they’re handled is a message to them about what kind of service they can expect. Real estate clients tend to remain loyal to agents they feel care about them from the onset. When you can streamline real estate scheduling from your site, you get them where they need to go faster.    

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), websites are the most popular information sources for 93% of home buyers. SnapEngage live chat allows you to connect with them directly when they land on your site.

39% of home sellers found their agents via referral by satisfied loyal clients. You can lay the groundwork for building loyal relationships with your real estate clients — Guide clients where they need to go the first time and streamline real estate scheduling.

SnapEngage Smart Routing Technology takes the pressure off your agents by more efficiently routing chats for optimum client-centered service that captures leads directly from your site. 


Measurable Goal:
  • Faster scheduling and lead capture 
  • Increased agent efficiency with a higher deflection of commonly asked questions



  • Give site visitors the opportunity to ask their questions in real-time
  • Answer commonly asked questions from your site
  • Route leads to the right agent or resource for greater client satisfaction
  • Capture more site leads
  • Give site visitors a clear understanding of the new-client intake process
  • Increase agent efficiency and time 


Quickstart toolkit

  • Help clients understand their options and guide them to the correct person with Widgets. Enable different Widgets for buyers and sellers, and other functions like open houses. Widgets can also represent different teams or departments, and be easily customized with unique chatbox designs and settings. 

  • Customize the chat experience with Guide Bot. You can accurately route chats based on office location, chat agent skill sets (think home buyer assistance vs home seller assistance), and language. The main goal is to get clients where they need to go faster and streamline real estate scheduling.

  • Troubleshoot issues on the fly and get clients to a native site form for scheduling with Redirect and CoBrowse. Redirect is particularly helpful when a client or lead can’t find a specific page on your site. You can even cobrowse with clients for joint-navigation, allowing the chat agent to push a visitor exactly where they need to go by changing the URL in their browser for them. Create Shortcuts to commonly used web pages for efficiency and ease.

Sample workflow

Tools for success recap:

Understand client concerns immediately with Guide Bot
Support all segments of the practice with multiple Widgets
Troubleshoot issues and help with form fill using Redirect with CoBrowse and Shortcuts.

Create the bridge between lead and loyal client

The loyal client journey starts long before an open house and doesn’t end with closing. Build the type of relationships that give you shining testimonials. SnapEngage live chat gives you the tools you need for the communication reach and response ability to elevate your agency above the competition.  

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Real Estate Client Engagement Tools Extend Your Reach

Never Miss a Conversation — Measure Real Estate Client Engagement Success


It’s no secret that loyal real estate clients love to share the great experience they had with you through word of mouth advertising. When you can be available 24/7, you can do more for your existing client base to increase client loyalty. Real estate client engagement tools help agents provide the most value throughout the conversation — and measure chat results instantly.

A mix of prospects and clients provide a richer community on your site. Clients that receive impeccable service from you — no matter where they are in their journey — are more likely to return to you for their next property — and remain your strongest property advocates for referrals.

Engage with clients more often and measure your success


Measurable Goal: Engage with existing clients more often to drive retention and lead referrals
How: Be available to respond to your existing client base every time they visit your site with real estate client engagement tools.
Outcome:  Solidify client loyalty for future property deals and create loyal advocates of your agency.

Quickstarter toolkit

Never miss a client inquiry with Info Capture Bot. Existing clients might not be aware of all that you have to offer. They may also come to your site when agents are unavailable. The Info Capture bot supplements the human agent team, working behind the scenes to leave no site visitor left behind. It gathers contact information so your team can follow-up and dig deeper into any questions. 

Ensure clients have questions answered from the correct expert with Chat Transfer command. You can enable agents to transfer chats to any department. Because no chat conversation data is lost upon transfer, the receiving agent can pick up right where the previous agent stopped. 

Stay on top of your game with Post-Chat Surveys. You want to know how you’re doing so that you can improve. Post-chat surveys are a quick way to take the pulse on agent performance. Measure survey scores over time for continuous improvement and growth opportunities.

Sample workflow

SnapEngage Live chat

Tools for success recap:

Supplement client support 24/7/365 with Info Capture Bot. Scale your ability to support traffic, without scaling your support costs.
Take advantage of the hyper-flexible Chat Transfer command so the right team can always have the right conversation.
Gather valuable client information with Post-Chat surveys.


Position yourself as a trusted and available real estate resource

Clients signing the dotted line is not the end of the relationship. Clients already trust you, so you can take advantage of opportunities to drive home even more value. Position your agency as the accessible resource and expert in your industry. SnapEngage’s real estate client engagement tools allow you to differentiate your real estate business by focusing on exceptional and consistent service at all phases of the real estate client journey. 

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Real Estate Funnels Nurture Site Visitors Based on Need

Your Real Estate Funnels Should Do The Work For You

Visitors come to your site for different reasons — you don’t want them all to have to jump through the same hoop. If you can understand your visitors and what drives them to make decisions, your real estate funnels will do the work for you and lower staff overhead. 

A client who enters your site on the “Listings” page has a more pressing need than one reading a blog post titled “How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent.” You need to see site visitor actions to present them with messaging that meets them where they’re at. You’ll want to chat with some immediately, but nurture slower funnel leads with existing marketing content. 

SnapEngage tools can unveil visitors’ intentions through their browsing actions for you — so you can present them with messaging that meets their needs. Performance metrics and data analytics make it easy for you to review the effectiveness of your marketing funnels and the efficiency of your staff.  


Route visitors to the correct funnel and measure your success rate

Measurable Goal:
  • Successfully segment site visitors based on urgent needs, education, or casual browsing. 
  • Gain insight into visitors’ actions and staff response.
  • Route visitors to the correct funnel based on browsing action. 
  • Measure the success rate of chats so you know what you’re doing right.
  • Nurture slow and fast funnels by providing compelling education to clients looking to learn more. 
  • Lower staff overhead by answering commonly asked questions quickly.

Quickstarter toolkit


Identify client and site visitor actions and guide them through the marketing funnel with Guide Bot. There are both “slow” and “fast” marketing funnels that clients can self-identify as. The slow funnel visitor might click to learn about real estate options while the fast funnel visitor clicks to a Listings page. Guide Bot will usher them through the proper funnel by tracking their actions from your Home page —  all with the use of conversational technology. 

Respond to visitors’ needs by giving them options with ProActive Chat. Use an Answer Bot with a proactive chat message to allow people to search for answers before they even speak to your agents. Want to give visitors a chance to fill out a form before chatting with an agent? You can do this with bots!

Understand what you’re doing right with Analytics. You can learn which of your agents is most effective by pulling data and measure the success rate of different real estate funnels. For example, set up a time range to review click percentage for the prior 7 days to determine the success rate of customized chats triggered from different pages. 


Sample workflow


SnapEngage live chat Real Estate Funnels

Tools for real estate funnels success recap:

Understand visitor intent and guide them through your marketing funnel with Guide Bot
Streamline the client support process with Redirect and targeted Proactive Chat
Manage productivity for valuable insights and chat agent optimization with Performance Metrics and Analytics

 Master real estate funnels that work for you

Effective real estate funnels nurture site visitors based on needs. You’ll have the power and flexibility to understand how and when clients engage with you so that you can answer their questions and lead them through your services quickly and maximize staff utility. Use reporting and analytics tools to understand how and where clients engage with you. Guide visitors through your site from where they enter to turn visitors into leads, leads into prospects, and prospects into clients. 

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Satisfied Real Estate Clients Guide You to Next Steps

Tech Tools For Satisfied Real Estate Clients and Optimim Growth


There are many options when it comes to real estate. Do you know why your satisfied real estate clients choose you? What pages on your site do they respond to? Once you know why clients choose your real estate agency, you can duplicate that model to use with other website visitors to grow your business. 

Conversational technology tools help you differentiate yourself by understanding your clients and getting them where they need to go quickly. Let clients guide the conversation, knowing you have the ability to pair the most helpful chat agent with the perfect client. 

Duplicate successful chat road maps to use with other website visitors. When your agents are organized around client satisfaction, the outcome is innovative and competitive — particularly when backed by records of valuable data that keep returning visitors from getting lost in the funnel. 


Understand your clients on a deeper level


Measurable goal: Understand the top 10 reasons that clients choose your agency. Capitalize on your strengths for consistent growth.
How: Show clients that you understand their specific needs. Be inquisitive and allow them to guide the conversation so you can pair them with the perfect chat agent with a record of their history.
Outcome: Yield more value from a perpetually satisfied client base — both through their own interactions with you and their testimony of the special attention they receive from your agency.


Quickstart toolkit


Present clients with helpful suggestions using Guide Bot. You can create simple “if-then” choices to help pilot clients to their desired goal easily — such as Listings, Seller Resources, and Buyer Resources. 

Seamlessly guide clients to the correct agent with the correct Tag. Intelligent Tags assign appropriate bot choices to the correct team to provide smart answers across all conversations.

Enhance your marketing efforts by categorizing chats with Labels. Agents can Label the chat accordingly to keep client information and questions up-to-date for future reporting. Your teams can then organize Labels to ensure no visitor is lost in the funnel. For example:

  • Listings experts might Label chats Residential, Commercial, or Condominium. 
  • Seller Resources experts will have a different set of Labels e.g. Ready to Sell, Financing, Market Research. 
  • Buyer Resources experts will also have their own sets of Labels such as First-time Buyer, Loan Options, Open House. 

Those Labels can then be then mapped onto custom fields on your Salesforce integration. 

Bonus: Have a different CRM? Ask us!


Sample workflow


live chat for satisfied real estate clients

Tools for satisfied real estate clients recap:

Smart routing based on client actions with Guide Bot
Connect clients to the perfect agent with Routing by Tag
Categorize conversations with Labels

Satisfied real estate clients reveal your wins

What you do right is where your success lies. With the right tech tools, not only are you able to foster client satisfaction, but also map your successful pathways and put them on repeat. Clients feel understood when you can provide smart answers to their inquiries and remember who they are on next visits. Satisfied real estate clients deliver more for your bottom line than a sale — they teach you how to make more of them.

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Real Estate SMS-to-Chat is Today’s Email

Real Estate SMS-to-Chat is Today’s Email 

Reach to a More Diverse Client Base with Real Estate SMS-to-Chat

Text messaging has become the predominant form of communication across all industries today. In real estate, communication with clients, prospects, and leads is extremely time-sensitive. Real estate SMS-to-chat allows buyers and sellers the responses that beat out email and phone in terms of speed and convenience.

To engage new and existing clients before the competition, you must go to where they are as soon as possible. In fact,  65% of home buyers expect to be able to communicate via text message with their agents. 

SMS live chat allows your site visitors to reach your team by sending a text message from any mobile device. Those SMS messages appear in SnapEngage’s Conversations Hub for your agents to reply — sending an SMS right back to your site visitor’s handheld device. 

Real estate SMS-to-chat opens new channels 


Increased adoption and accessibility of all offered real estate services.

Reduce time-to-resolution (TTR) for all steps in the client funnel.


Remove communication hurdles with SMS live chat omnichannel solutions.

Advertise your SMS number on all marketing for accessibility.

Outcome: Successful communications lead to a broader and more diverse satisfied client base. This is especially important with younger demographics.

Quickstart toolkit


  • SMS-to-chat is part of our Omnichannel Solution. All SMS conversations are in the Hub for chat agents, the same as chats from the website and Facebook. Bring the easiest form of communication to your communication options. No passwords, no portals with SMS-to-chat.


  • Request client photos without using an external email service. Clients appreciate a new and innovative way to provide information all in one place. Buyers can send photos of homes or interior design they are interested in. Sellers can send you pics of their home so your team can address if it’s “showroom ready”. 


  • Advertise your text number on your website, client mails, behind client login and anywhere else clients have access. Clients can save the number in their phone and text your agents their convenience. 


Sample workflow


SnapEngage real estate SMS-to-chat


Tools for communications success recap:

Modernize the client experience with SMS-to-chat
Allow chat agents to request photos, giving sellers a chance to showcase their upcoming open house and share interior design ideas
Increase brand awareness with free advertising of the SMS-to-chat number

Communicate at every step of the client journey

Provide added value that requires minimal effort from clients by making it easy for clients to reach you. Mobile texting is the most preferred and expected platform for customer service — Why should real estate be any different? Add your SMS number everywhere clients can find it. Live chat with SMS integration encourages communication at every step of the real estate client journey.  


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