Real Estate Funnels Nurture Site Visitors Based on Need

Your Real Estate Funnels Should Do The Work For You

Visitors come to your site for different reasons — you don’t want them all to have to jump through the same hoop. If you can understand your visitors and what drives them to make decisions, your real estate funnels will do the work for you and lower staff overhead. 

A client who enters your site on the “Listings” page has a more pressing need than one reading a blog post titled “How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent.” You need to see site visitor actions to present them with messaging that meets them where they’re at. You’ll want to chat with some immediately, but nurture slower funnel leads with existing marketing content. 

SnapEngage tools can unveil visitors’ intentions through their browsing actions for you — so you can present them with messaging that meets their needs. Performance metrics and data analytics make it easy for you to review the effectiveness of your marketing funnels and the efficiency of your staff.  


Route visitors to the correct funnel and measure your success rate

Measurable Goal:
  • Successfully segment site visitors based on urgent needs, education, or casual browsing. 
  • Gain insight into visitors’ actions and staff response.
  • Route visitors to the correct funnel based on browsing action. 
  • Measure the success rate of chats so you know what you’re doing right.
  • Nurture slow and fast funnels by providing compelling education to clients looking to learn more. 
  • Lower staff overhead by answering commonly asked questions quickly.

Quickstarter toolkit


Identify client and site visitor actions and guide them through the marketing funnel with Guide Bot. There are both “slow” and “fast” marketing funnels that clients can self-identify as. The slow funnel visitor might click to learn about real estate options while the fast funnel visitor clicks to a Listings page. Guide Bot will usher them through the proper funnel by tracking their actions from your Home page —  all with the use of conversational technology. 

Respond to visitors’ needs by giving them options with ProActive Chat. Use an Answer Bot with a proactive chat message to allow people to search for answers before they even speak to your agents. Want to give visitors a chance to fill out a form before chatting with an agent? You can do this with bots!

Understand what you’re doing right with Analytics. You can learn which of your agents is most effective by pulling data and measure the success rate of different real estate funnels. For example, set up a time range to review click percentage for the prior 7 days to determine the success rate of customized chats triggered from different pages. 


Sample workflow


SnapEngage live chat Real Estate Funnels

Tools for real estate funnels success recap:

Understand visitor intent and guide them through your marketing funnel with Guide Bot
Streamline the client support process with Redirect and targeted Proactive Chat
Manage productivity for valuable insights and chat agent optimization with Performance Metrics and Analytics

 Master real estate funnels that work for you

Effective real estate funnels nurture site visitors based on needs. You’ll have the power and flexibility to understand how and when clients engage with you so that you can answer their questions and lead them through your services quickly and maximize staff utility. Use reporting and analytics tools to understand how and where clients engage with you. Guide visitors through your site from where they enter to turn visitors into leads, leads into prospects, and prospects into clients. 

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