3 Simple Site Tools to Optimize Real Estate Lead Conversions

Your Site May Be Losing Real Estate Lead Conversions

Many real estate sites try to capture real estate lead data with site-native forms. Offering forms on your site can pull in valuable lead data, but they traditionally have a low conversion rate because most people simply don’t like filling them out. Turning off those visitors with intent can affect your real estate lead conversions. 

When faced with a form, many visitors will bounce. But those visitors that do take the time to fill them out can turn into quality leads. How do you capture real estate lead data and keep the site visitor engaged if they don’t want to fill out the form? 

Give visitors real-time options with some simple tools to get the best of both worlds and cast a wider net. Ask visitors to fill out forms on your site, but give them a way to bypass the form and go directly to an agent with a few simple steps.

Engage with your visitor to guide them where they need to go

The Measurable Goal: Capture high-value data while increasing real estate lead conversions.
The Obstacle: How do you collect valuable data without losing traffic? 
The Solution: Offer the form on your pages but give visitors the ability to opt-out. Then you can use a bot to drive visitors directly where they need to go, such as an agent.

On pages with forms, you have several options to present the opportunity to both collect visitor lead data and engage leads. 

Choose your own adventure 

1. Give visitors the option when they come in with Guide Bot. Include a bot that initiates when the visitor lands on your page. The bot gives them two options:

  1. Fill out the form, or
  2. Skip the form and go to an agent.

2. Show the form first but give them an option later. When a visitor lands on your site, show the form first. If the form is not filled out, or a certain amount of time has passed, you can initiate the bot to give them the option to skip the form and chat directly with an agent.

3. Engage them before they leave your page. Show them the form first, if no action is taken and the visitor is about to leave the page, initiate the bot so they can skip the form with Engagement Saver.  This Proactive Chat rule monitors a visitor’s cursor movement to trigger a Pop-up chat when your user is about to abandon the page. 

Real Estate Lead Conversion Tools for Success Recap:

Automatically nudge visitors who might be at risk of leaving without first engaging with your business with Proactive Chat.
Gently guide visitors to the right place (e.g. an agent, scheduling too, FAQ) with Guide Bot.
Capture traffic before they leave with Engagement Saver.

Competition for real estate leads can be fierce. SnapEngage tools provide you with 24/7 coverage to avoid those opportunities for a lead to lose interest. Automate your personalized  marketing to capture valuable lead data and engage high-intent traffic — and start filling your calendar with showings.

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