CRM Chat Integrations Maximize Legal Lead Capture

Law firms that adopt technology for client intake and operational efficiencies are pulling ahead of those that don’t. In 2020 alone, law firms using CRM integrations for legal lead capture and client management saw a 26% increase in revenue.  

Technologies that streamline client intake and management help generate new casework and assist in creating trusting relationships with clients by enabling quicker engagement and more efficient routing.

Chat and CRM integration increase legal lead capture 

In competitive markets, law firms need faster engagement with potential clients. Consumers’ expectations have advanced, along with technology. Firms slow to respond to client inquiries in a digital age will struggle to keep up. 

By integrating SnapEngage with your law firm’s CRM, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, or others, you’ll be able to automatically capture lead information, schedule callbacks, and categorize and manage leads by legal department — even after hours or when no agents are available.


Measurable goal:
  • Increased legal lead capture
  • Efficient client management
  • Schedule calls with offline forms
  • Categorize, filter, and manage inquiring leads with your CRM
  • Increased caseload = increased revenue 
  • Better client engagement for building trust and rapport


Quickstart Legal Lead Capture Toolkit

Customize client intake with Proactive Chat. Chat analytics help you understand which pages on your site perform the best. You can create triggers on your site that fire Proactive Chat messages for visitors. 

Customize your Proactive Chat messages to collect valuable information that is automatically captured by your CRM for future lead nurturing. Test different Proactive Chat messages to discover improvements and enhance visitor engagement. 

Schedule phone appointments after hours by creating offline forms in Design Studio. When clients visit your site after hours, use an offline form created in Design Studio that connects directly with your CRM to schedule a call. 

Once a visitor completes an offline form, a task is automatically created for a team member who can easily see their itinerary as soon as they enter the CRM. 

Offline leads allow clients to book appointments directly into your law firm’s calendar so that agents can find them immediately. 

Categorize leads 24/7 regardless of whether agents are online or not. Easily categorize leads using Labels when team members are online to route visitors to the correct legal department’s available agent. Labels allow you to customize your call routing according to the legal specializations of your firm.

When agents are unavailable, client data is integrated and categorized in your CRM for easy follow-up and lead nurturing later. Even information from dispositioned chats (chats that are ended) can be collected and organized for more efficient client management.   


Grow your law firm’s caseload with your legal lead capture toolkit


Proactively reach out to site visitors using Proactive Chat
Customize online and offline visitor experiences with Design Studio
Organize online conversations with Labels
Streamline the new client process with a CRM integration 

Convert more legal leads into legal cases

When your firm can manage leads in a systematic and structured way, you’ll be able to convert more of those leads into clients which will increase your firm’s caseload and revenue. 

Lead tracking and management categorizes your leads and makes it simple to prioritize and manage inbound customer communications. Client intake via chat with CRM integration reduces the number of lost client opportunities. It provides you with a clear advantage over firms that take longer to respond to client inquiries.

Get started with legal tech solutions today that can help you create a streamlined system for client communications management that allows your team to focus on client legal issues instead of client management.

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