Law Firm Tech Tools Increase Client Acquisition

When people are looking for legal advice, 96% of the time they start online. This is why 70% of law firms land new cases through their website. This data alone should be enough for law firms to look at new ways to engage their web traffic with law firm tech tools that increase their client base. 

In this article, we’ll show you how live chat can help you acquire new clients while decreasing overhead and improving efficiency.


The pandemic revealed the need for law firm tech tools


Many legal firms struggled during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic because social distancing restrictions made it difficult to cater to new prospects and manage administrative functions. 

Law firms with traditional physical infrastructures that had not yet adopted tech tools lagged by 40% in revenue compared to their tech-adopting counterparts by August 2020.


Law firm tech tools like live chat expand market reach 


79% of consumers say they prefer live chat purely because of its immediacy compared to other channels. Legal clients are no different. 

Live chat offers prospects assistance with their legal queries and routes website visitors to the correct legal department — automatically. 

Not only does live chat improve administrative efficiency, but it also presents site visitors with more options and frees up your teams to work on more pressing cases.  

When website visitors are satisfied quickly, it builds trust. People looking to retain counsel for legal services are seeking a firm they can trust.


Measurable goal:

  • Improve administrative efficiency
  • Increase client base


  • Set up widgets for separate departments
  • Answer visitors’ queries with a custom bot before routing them


  • Streamlined client routing saves time and overhead 
  • Satisfied visitors are more likely to retain your firm

Quickstart law firm tech toolkit


#1 — Chatbot combinations for teams with multiple specialized departments:  

Your team may have multiple departments to cover different legal services such as Business Law, Commercial Real Estate, Litigation, etc. 

You can easily set up widgets for separate departments. Name each widget according to the department, e.g. Business Law. Add the relevant agents in the Business Law department to the widget — press Save — Repeat for each department. 

Guide Bot can route the chat to the appropriate department, and capture visitor information for follow up.

BONUS: You can do this with geolocation for law offices in different locations. Ask us how.


#2 – Add a knowledge base that the Answer Bot will search to send answers to prospects:

Answer Bots can supercharge your blog and website. They’re able to integrate in various ways with a variety of knowledge bases — such as Google Programmable Search

Google Programmable Search can turn any website and blog into a powerful knowledge base. It performs information lookups and passes that information directly back to the Answer Bot. 

You can also integrate Answer Bot with other knowledge bases like WordPress, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc. 

Bonus: You can use a knowledge base to send information to human agents. Great for onboarding! 


Law firm tech tools for success:


Correctly segment departments with Widgets

Instantly direct visitors to the correct department with Guide Bot

Provide a consistent client experience across all conversations with Answer Bots


Simple law firm tech tools that grow your firm without the overhead


Let chatbots direct clients to the correct department instantly— and go one step further to answer their questions in their first conversation. Triage new client requests using levels of chatbots. 

Our platform is highly flexible and customizable. We can work with your team to implement any number and combination of strategies.

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