Law Firm Tech Tools to Reach a Broader Legal Audience

Regions across the US and EU are home to multiple different language speakers. The SnapEngage Berlin office, for example, hosts native Greek, Turkish, Spanish, and French speakers, to name a few. Many law firms are challenged to increase diversity across the board. But even if you don’t yet have multiple in-house language speakers, simple tech tools can help law firms reach a broader legal audience. 

Reach a broader legal audience with more diverse messaging 

Many firms are adopting both in-house and outsourced translators for legal client interpretation services to support a more diverse client base. Human translators are necessary when it comes to the precision of legal language. 

But human translators are expensive and can only be used so far. Not all law firms can support multilingual chat agents for customer service, marketing, and onboarding new clients.

If you want to reach a more diverse audience, you’ll need to support more diverse messaging. 

Law firm tech tools that manage this for you to help you reach more diverse language speakers and increase your client base. 

Depending on your structure, you can either refer potential clients to your Interpretation Services team for onboarding or set up an appointment with translation services and securely accept payment from web site visitors — entirely in their native language.

Measurable Goal:

Increase client base by reaching a broader audience.


Empower chat teams to speak 100+ languages. Upsell translations.


Onboard more clients, increase referrals, and maximize caseloads.

Empower all teams to chat and book appointments in multiple languages 

Easily remove the barriers non-English speaking prospective clients face by encouraging site visitors to use their own language in the chatbox using Auto Translator. If a visitor starts a chat in a different language, SnapEngage will automatically detect it and translate it for the agent. The agent can respond in their native language, and SnapEngage will translate it again for the site visitor into their language. .

Cater to the languages you have internal support for  

If you offer Interpretation Services for specific common languages, you can easily set up Live Chat Shortcuts to inform the visitor of your language services. 

For example,  Shortcuts can let visitors know about your firm’s language options — “I speak English and am using Auto-Translate to chat with you in your language. We have Interpretation Services in Spanish for in-person appointments.  I will help you schedule an appointment with our Spanish-speaking Interpretation team.” 

Sell translation services and securely accept payment via chat 

If you outsource language support, you can create a system to set up appointments for that as well ‘— all in the site visitors’ own language. SnapEngage is easily customizable to your organization’s structure, size, and capabilities.

For example, if you charge for translation services in French and Spanish, you can create different Widgets in Design Studio to separate Spanish speakers and French speakers. 

Agents will receive chats from these widgets, can take payments through Secure Data Transfer, and apply them within your payment system to set up a translation assisted appointment.

Tools to reach a broader legal audience

Speak more languages, book more appointments with Auto-Translate

Cater to specific languages using Widgets and the Design Studio

Gather payment information with Secure Data Transfer

Build rapport through effective communication in all languages

Booking new client meetings is all about building rapport through effective communication.

Meeting clients in the language they understand creates satisfied clients who will market for you within their own communities. 

Diverse clients celebrate businesses that cater to their needs. Let SnapEngage help you reach a more diverse audience with some simple tools. 

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