Satisfied Real Estate Clients Guide You to Next Steps

Tech Tools Help You Duplicate What Works for Optimum Growth


There are many options when it comes to real estate. Do you know why your satisfied real estate clients choose you? What pages on your site do they respond to? Once you know why clients choose your real estate agency, you can duplicate that model to use with other website visitors to grow your business. 

Conversational technology tools help you differentiate yourself by understanding your clients and getting them where they need to go quickly. Let clients guide the conversation, knowing you have the ability to pair the most helpful chat agent with the perfect client. 

Duplicate successful chat road maps to use with other website visitors. When your agents are organized around client satisfaction, the outcome is innovative and competitive — particularly when backed by records of valuable data that keep returning visitors from getting lost in the funnel. 


Understand your clients on a deeper level


Measurable goal: Understand the top 10 reasons that clients choose your agency. Capitalize on your strengths for consistent growth.
How: Show clients that you understand their specific needs. Be inquisitive and allow them to guide the conversation so you can pair them with the perfect chat agent with a record of their history.
Outcome: Yield more value from a perpetually satisfied client base — both through their own interactions with you and their testimony of the special attention they receive from your agency.


Quickstart toolkit

Present clients with helpful suggestions using Guide Bot. You can create simple “if-then” choices to help pilot clients to their desired goal easily — such as Listings, Seller Resources, and Buyer Resources. 

Seamlessly guide clients to the correct agent with the correct Tag. Intelligent Tags assign appropriate bot choices to the correct team to provide smart answers across all conversations.

Enhance your marketing efforts by categorizing chats with Labels. Agents can Label the chat accordingly to keep client information and questions up-to-date for future reporting. Your teams can then organize Labels to ensure no visitor is lost in the funnel. For example:

  • Listings experts might Label chats Residential, Commercial, or Condominium. 
  • Seller Resources experts will have a different set of Labels e.g. Ready to Sell, Financing, Market Research. 
  • Buyer Resources experts will also have their own sets of Labels such as First-time Buyer, Loan Options, Open House. 

Those Labels can then be then mapped onto custom fields on your Salesforce integration. 

Bonus: Have a different CRM? Ask us!


Sample workflow

live chat for satisfied real estate clients

Tools for satisfied real estate clients recap:

Smart routing based on client actions with Guide Bot
Connect clients to the perfect agent with Routing by Tag
Categorize conversations with Labels

Satisfied real estate clients reveal your wins

What you do right is where your success lies. With the right tech tools, not only are you able to foster client satisfaction, but also map your successful pathways and put them on repeat. Clients feel understood when you can provide smart answers to their inquiries and remember who they are on next visits. Satisfied real estate clients deliver more for your bottom line than a sale — they teach you how to make more of them.

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