Intelligent Tagging for Live Chat Routing

Instantly Connect Website Visitors With Your Most Qualified Team Members

Live chat enables real-time engagement with website visitors at the precise moment they have questions, even before they have to ask. It’s all about timing and immediacy. How quickly are you able to meet that visitor’s needs so they can accomplish what they came for and be on their way?

But getting visitors to engage with live chat is only the first step. Once they engage, it’s important to get their questions answered quickly and efficiently, and this begins with connecting them to the appropriate members on your team. How much time does your team spend transferring visitors between agents? (Hint: Take a look at your transfer reports to gauge agent-to-agent transfer activity.)

Live Chat Routing by Tag

SnapEngage has introduced a new advanced feature that enables routing of chats to the most appropriate agent based on skill set, language, specialty, department, product, team, geography, support level – You name it!

The new routing by tag configuration allows you to assign relevant tags to your agents and associate those tags within your widgets via the javascript api or through proactive chat rules.

NOTE: This advanced feature is currently only available on SnapEngage Premier Plans.

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