2 Ways Live Chat Increases Patient Loyalty

Marketing experts agree that it costs much less to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. Yet many health care organizations struggle with finding cost-effective ways to increase retention rates and patient loyalty. Live chat increases patient loyalty in two effortless ways.

Loyal patients have a higher customer lifetime value than one-time visitors. Patients that trust you are simply more receptive to expanded and adjacent products and services. 

Every touchpoint you have with a patient increases the likelihood that they’ll stay loyal to your practice — and even provide referrals. 

Don’t let returning clients feel as if they are first-time visitors. What are you doing to let your existing patients know that you care about them?

With live chat, you can automatically create a custom experience for returning patients on your site to foster patient loyalty. 

Reward loyal customers


Goal:  Increase patient loyalty.
How:  Dynamic engagement through personalized messaging.
Outcome:  Patients feel cared for and are more likely to stay loyal.


Show your patients you remember them


1)  Show your patients you remember them with Proactive Chat

Returning patients are often treated as if they are first-time visitors to your site. 

Imagine the difference your patients feel when they visit your site, and you can instantly show them you remember them by using their first name. 

Depending on where they are on your site, these rules can also be customized to guide them swiftly to a resolution.

If they are on the scheduling page, for example, you can create personalized messages that even note the date of their last appointment. 

This is the difference between a generic greeting and  “Great to see you again, Sarah! Your last appointment was (date). Would you like to schedule an appointment?” 

Let your patients know you care about them


2)  Deliver extra value using Javascript variables. 

Simply showing patients that you care goes a long way. Recognize returning customers with something thoughtful — such as wishing them a happy birthday. 

SnapEngage automatically collects data from site visitors you’re chatting with — but sometimes it can be useful to collect additional information depending on your needs. 

Additional information can be collected in the form of Javascript variables — and can be anything you like. You make the rules.

You can choose to automatically insert any variable data from your site or application into your messages —  all while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Tools to increase patient loyalty


Enhance your patient portal to send personalized messages to patients 
Include focused messaging contextual to each patient with Proactive Chat
Recognize milestones and celebrate accordingly using Javascript variables 

Don’t miss the opportunity to nurture your existing patient relationships with every interaction. Two simple tools in your tool box can make a big difference in building a solid patient base.

Proactive Chat and Javascript variables allow you the flexibility to create dynamic engagement with your patients and customize messaging according to your needs. 

SnapEngage live chat increases patient loyalty by showing patients that you remember them — and that you care. 

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