Streamline Real Estate Scheduling From Your Site

When first-time prospects seeking appointments land on your site, how they’re handled is a message to them about what kind of service they can expect. Real estate clients tend to remain loyal to agents they feel care about them from the onset. When you can streamline real estate scheduling from your site, you get them where they need to go faster.    

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), websites are the most popular information sources for 93% of home buyers. SnapEngage live chat allows you to connect with them directly when they land on your site.

39% of home sellers found their agents via referral by satisfied loyal clients. You can lay the groundwork for building loyal relationships with your real estate clients — Guide clients where they need to go the first time and streamline real estate scheduling.

SnapEngage Smart Routing Technology takes the pressure off your agents by more efficiently routing chats for optimum client-centered service that captures leads directly from your site. 


Measurable Goal:
  • Faster scheduling and lead capture 
  • Increased agent efficiency with a higher deflection of commonly asked questions



  • Give site visitors the opportunity to ask their questions in real-time
  • Answer commonly asked questions from your site
  • Route leads to the right agent or resource for greater client satisfaction
  • Capture more site leads
  • Give site visitors a clear understanding of the new-client intake process
  • Increase agent efficiency and time 


Quickstart toolkit

  • Help clients understand their options and guide them to the correct person with Widgets. Enable different Widgets for buyers and sellers, and other functions like open houses. Widgets can also represent different teams or departments, and be easily customized with unique chatbox designs and settings. 

  • Customize the chat experience with Guide Bot. You can accurately route chats based on office location, chat agent skill sets (think home buyer assistance vs home seller assistance), and language. The main goal is to get clients where they need to go faster and streamline real estate scheduling.

  • Troubleshoot issues on the fly and get clients to a native site form for scheduling with Redirect and CoBrowse. Redirect is particularly helpful when a client or lead can’t find a specific page on your site. You can even cobrowse with clients for joint-navigation, allowing the chat agent to push a visitor exactly where they need to go by changing the URL in their browser for them. Create Shortcuts to commonly used web pages for efficiency and ease.

Sample workflow

Tools for success recap:

Understand client concerns immediately with Guide Bot
Support all segments of the practice with multiple Widgets
Troubleshoot issues and help with form fill using Redirect with CoBrowse and Shortcuts.

Create the bridge between lead and loyal client

The loyal client journey starts long before an open house and doesn’t end with closing. Build the type of relationships that give you shining testimonials. SnapEngage live chat gives you the tools you need for the communication reach and response ability to elevate your agency above the competition.  

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