2 Quick Tech Tips to Convert Real Estate Leads

Real estate is a competitive business and striving for new leads is an ongoing and vital task. Roughly 50% of real estate agents annually spend $5000 or more on marketing efforts – some spending as high as $20,000 – $80,000. The goal is to convert leads, however a great deal of agents miss the initial opportunity to convert from the onset.

Real estate agents are fully aware of the value of referrals. Testimonials are essential to capture trust in the industry; success stories encapsulate the value of their expertise. Some 40% of sellers find agents through referrals directly from satisfied clients. 

Beyond testimonials, keeping satisfied clients relevant after closing may settle to the bottom of a busy agent’s list. This leaves immense potential unused. So what makes taking advantage of client-relationships critical?

30% of home buyers under the age of 29 plan on staying in their new home for less than five years – 60% for less than ten.  

Considering that 90% of buyers and 48% of sellers say they would use their agent again, savvy agents want to confirm that any clients returning to their website aren’t treated like first-time visitors. 

Returning site visitors have a stronger intent that should be catered to. Agents that take advantage of tools designed to leverage this intent reinforce the trust required to convert real estate leads. So how can you convert real estate leads?


Welcome returning clients immediately 

Goal:  Turn prior clients into converted leads
How:  Identify and welcome former clients with personalized messaging
Outcome: Increased client loyalty 


Let clients know you remember them

  1. Welcome back former clients with your integrated CRM client portal. Identify client information before a conversation ever starts. Clients love it when businesses recognize them as returning customers because it shows them you care about the relationship. The difference between “How can I help you?” and “Welcome back, Sarah!” is massive. It is paramount to address your clients personally. This is especially true for customers who previously made one of the most significant financial decisions of their life with one of your agents. 
  2. Personalize messaging automatically with proactive chat using Javascript variables. You can choose to expose selected variables from your CRM in your code, such as for those who bought a house in the last 90 days. This is the difference between “Welcome back, Sarah!” and a more personalized “Welcome back, Sarah! Congratulations on your new home!”



Tools for loyalty-building

Enhance your client portal to send personalized messages to clients 
Perform highly contextualized messaging in proactive chat with Javascript variables.


Create a custom experience for returning clients

Returning clients often signify more referral opportunities, or interest in additional properties and services. Treat your returning clients well by giving them a custom experience on your site. 

Clients recognized for the investment they’ve made are much more likely to trust you as the best choice for them in the future.

SnapEngage provides highly customizable tools for rolling out the red carpet to your website visitors.

Find out more about how our tools can help you enhance the trust required to convert real estate leads.