Improving Customer Experiences with Automation

Blog Highlights 47% of business and individual consumers will leave a brand after a poor customer experience, costing global businesses nearly $100 billion each year Companies are spending thousands annually on per-employee training but struggle with hiring...

The Future of Bots and Why They’re Here to Stay

Today’s consumers are used to the speed, convenience, and accessible 24-hour service they’ve come to expect from chatbots. Competitive enterprises have learned to take advantage of chatbots for the highly valuable user data that helps them understand their customers...

3 Ways to Use Chatbots For Customer Support

In the Digital Age consumers expect to have their questions and concerns answered quickly and in a personalized manner. The rise of new, instant communications channels — social media, chat platforms, and instant messaging — has changed how people interact with and...

15 Live Chat Shortcuts Your Team Needs Now

(Live Chat Shortcut Content Updated August 2020) Canned Responses to Cut Down on Keystrokes Agent response time is perhaps the most important contributor (or culprit) of live chat’s success (or failure), and every precious second counts! Shortcuts (a.k.a. canned...

How to Prevent Customer Service Burnout

Customer service leaders face demanding situations on a daily basis. Without the proper support and company culture, employee burnout can result. Fortunately, there are some simple measures that managers and organizations can take to help prevent burnout and retain top employees. We've compiled a look at some of the greatest challenges customer service agents face and five steps managers can take to keep customer support staff engaged and satisfied at work.

Five reasons why chatbots should be part of your frontline strategy

Teams are constantly being asked to do more with less. For many smaller companies, the same people often cover sales, customer service, and billing. Chat was supposed to relieve some of this pressure since, as a channel, chat is more efficient than phone calls and...

Guide Bot: How to Increase Sales With Chatbots

Qualify leads without human capital or pesky web forms Chatbots take care of an age old problem, web forms. Web forms quickly go from a lead-generating tool to a barrier of entry. SnapEngage’s chatbot solutions can help. A customizable Guide Bot guides prospects...

3 Patient Engagement Tools to Boost Your Bottom Line

Patient Engagement Tools Drive Revenue from Your Existing Patient Base Turn customer care into sales by educating your existing patients about your full range of products and services. When you engage with patients more often, you not only increase their loyalty, but...

What are Chatbots?

Make more informed decisions when it comes to adding a chatbot to your website. See what different job functions bots can do, and maximize the return of your chosen chatbot.

Release notes August 24: Salesforce Community Knowledge Integration, Answer Bot Analytics, Hub Variable to update agent links with the visitors email.

Here is the update with what the team has been working on in the last weeks: New Answer Bot Features: • We have added an integration with Salesforce Community Knowledge with our Knowledge Base and Answer Bot options. This can now be enabled under the Integrations...

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Streamline Real Estate Scheduling From Your Site

When first-time prospects seeking appointments land on your site, how they’re handled is a message to them about what kind of service they can expect. Real estate clients tend to remain loyal to agents they feel care about them from the onset. When you can streamline...

Is SMS Texting HIPAA Compliant?

SMS texting makes it easy and convenient for physicians and healthcare staff to communicate. It also drives patient engagement and improves operational and administrative efficiencies. But how safe is it? Is SMS texting HIPAA compliant?  HIPAA rules don’t explicitly...

Real Estate Client Engagement Tools Extend Your Reach

Never Miss a Conversation — Measure Real Estate Client Engagement Success   It’s no secret that loyal real estate clients love to share the great experience they had with you through word of mouth advertising. When you can be available 24/7, you can do more for...

Real Estate Funnels Nurture Site Visitors Based on Need

Your Real Estate Funnels Should Do The Work For You Visitors come to your site for different reasons — you don’t want them all to have to jump through the same hoop. If you can understand your visitors and what drives them to make decisions, your real estate funnels...

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