Release Notes November 15: Visitor Verification for Bot API, New Coversation API Events, Logs page update and other improvements

Hello everyone, here are some updates the developer team has shipped to the chat product in the recent weeks: Bot API: We now support visitor identity verification (HMAC) with the Bot API. For more details you can check the Bot API documentation here. Conversation...

Release Notes August 30: New “Number of times to show” Proactive Rule Feature

Hello SnapEngagers, we have released a great new feature to enhance our Proactive Chat capabilities. You can now set up the chat to engage the visitor a specific number of times in a given time frame. With this new rule you get – More control over your proactive...

5 Best Practices for Aligning Customer Support and Sales

Customers in a variety of fields now expect more personalized care than ever before when they interact with businesses. This means that sales and customer service teams must work together to create a seamless, unified customer experience and stay aligned. We've compiled five best practices aimed at unifying customer service and sales teams to ensure a satisfying, cohesive end-to-end customer experience.

5 Ways Chat for Financial Services Enhances Customer Experience

Today’s most driven financial services are quick to realize customer connection strategies paired with robust security standards. Peace of mind is key for financial service customers, and this means quick and insightful conversations, as well as self-service options....

3 Reasons You Need a Hybrid Customer Experience

Updates and additions aimed at improving a product or experience seem to have a knack for missing the mark. Think about how each “upgrade” to your favorite social media platform, or new feature included in one of your team’s critically important software systems at...

7 Ways Live Chat Improves Customer Satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction is a tricky business for customer support and success teams alike. Sometimes perceived improvements do too little, or often they do too much, going beyond what improvements were necessary and creating a whole new slate of issues. ...

Chat Queue and Conversation Improvements for Better Customer Experience

No one likes waiting in line, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad experience. This ethos doesn’t only apply to physical lines, but also online chat queues on your website. When visitors attempt to enter a chat with your agent, however, they may be greeted with...

Will Chatbot Automation Take My Job?

When automation and work are mentioned in the same breath, there is usually some anxiety over whether or not robots are coming for your livelihood. However, if it’s chatbots that make you nervous, you can rest easy. Whichever industry you work in, chatbot automation...

TeamSupport Acquires Global Chat Leader SnapEngage

TeamSupport and SnapEngage combination helps companies deliver better post-sales support to customers, increase customer retention, and improve customer engagement. DALLAS — May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TeamSupport, the award-winning B2B customer support...

Why the Future of Online Conversations is Unified Live Chat

Companies spend millions of dollars annually in attempts to remove internal silos and improve communication and collaboration. But these same companies also enable and fund separate and frequently unintegrated technology stacks creating those same operational silos –...

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How Unified Chat Banishes Customer Frustration

How Unified Chat Banishes Customer Frustration

Remember the supposed “good old days” when your customers dialed your toll-free number, explained their problem to someone on your help desk staff, and went away happy, or happy-ish? The system wasn’t perfect. It also wasn’t the obstacle course it is now –...

How to Unify your Customer Experience

How to Unify your Customer Experience

The value of seamless customer engagement from initial contact to final sale – and beyond Download Now It’s time to evolve chat Modern chat isn’t only one tool, it’s an integral aspect of a complex communicative ecosystem. Today’s business ecosystem demands...

How to Leverage Your Live Chat Data

How to Leverage Your Live Chat Data

Live chat data tells the story of your success and sets a roadmap for the future. It can also unveil pain-points in your product that were hidden or obscured. Collecting live chat data is easy, collecting the right data and knowing what to do with it – that’s...

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