Messaging and Live Chat Release Notes: August 2022

Product enhancements

•  SAP Integration Enhancements: Added the ability to append chats to an existing SAP ticket to improve integration flexibility. This is especially valuable and creates more efficiencies for clients who routinely have multiple conversations about a single issue with the same customer. Read more technical documentation here.
•  Migration to Firebase technologies: Added a real-time notification in the Messaging Hub for any users that experience issues connecting to Firebase technologies. Please review this Firebase Connectivity Overview and Troubleshooting Guide to learn more about which Firebase hosts the Messaging Hub needs to access and to view troubleshooting tips and tricks.

Bug fixes

•  Addressed a bug where links within the Messaging Hub were not opening properly upon click.
•  Addressed a bug where the date was incorrectly formatted when a chat transcript was copied to the clipboard.
•  Supervisor: Addressed a bug where the main administrator on an account was unable to properly access Supervisor mode in certain cases.
•  Supervisor: Addressed a bug where certain users that were configured across multiple organizations were unable to access Supervisor properly.
•  Addressed a bug where some clients were unable to add existing agents to a widget when the maximum number of purchased agents threshold had been reached.
•  Guide Bot: Addressed a bug that occurred when a user uploaded an image or animated GIF to the bot prompt, did not save changes, and then deleted the image which caused the bot editor to go into a weird state and display a broken file icon.
•  Addressed a bug which caused an unintentional string of characters to display in the Hub while sending a file request from the agent to a visitor (actual file request and transfer functionality was not impacted).
•  Addressed a bug which caused bot buttons to remain active even after the chat closed/idled out. Now, after the chat closes the bot buttons will be disabled to improve the user experience.