Messaging and Live Chat Release Notes: May 2022

Product enhancements

•  Guide Bot Images: Added the ability for users to upload images and animations to bot prompts for the Guide Bot and Chatbot API to enrich the chatbot experience and improve overall UX. Supported file types include: PNG, JPG, GIF. Contact your Account Manager or Client Success Manager to learn more and schedule a demo. View additional documentation here.
•  Added the ability for users to scroll and view extra-long images in the chat window
•  SAP Integration: SAP integration: For agent mapping purposes, we improved the employee lookup logic to only search the FormattedName field. This is more aligned with how the agent mapping lookup works for other supported integrations.
•  Supervisor: Added the ability for the agent Whisper/Reply toggle to remember the previous state for each individual active conversation. If an agent navigates to a different conversation and then back to the original one, the previously-used “state/mode” (either Reply or Whisper) for that conversation is now remembered for an improved user experience.
•  Added support for rendering images sent as URLs to improve the visitor experience and make image rendering more consistent overall
•  Improved the ability to quickly export Logs for high-traffic clients that routinely export batches of 100K+ cases
•  Branding Update: Updated product logos to use the latest TeamSupport logo/brand as part of ongoing efforts to unify under the TeamSupport brand. Please note that this entails no changes to the legacy SnapEngage product functionality and the re-branded TeamSupport Messaging & Live Chat product remains a core focus of the TeamSupport combined product suite. SnapEngage joined forces with TeamSupport a year ago in May 2021. Read more here.

Bug fixes

•  Addressed a bug where an apostrophe in the user’s email address passes an incorrect character; preventing the case from being properly sent to the integrated CRM or help desk.
•  Addressed a bug which caused a server error in the Weekly Stats email.
•  Addressed a bug which caused an inability for a chat to be closed in the Hub when it contains “=” as a free-form Label value.
•  Addressed a bug that caused Guide Bot steps which contain links to temporarily display as a blank box.
•  Addressed a bug that occasionally caused cases (which ran into issues during processing) to send a duplicate case to the integrated Zendesk account.
•  Addressed a bug where Auto Translate messages were duplicated for the visitor after refresh.