Messaging and Live Chat Release Notes: September 2022

Product enhancements

•  Supervisor: Made improvements and optimizations to Supervisor in order to mitigate loading and typing delays due to very high chat volumes. We will continue to release even more Supervisor performance optimizations in the upcoming weeks to further improve the user experience, particularly for those customers who routinely experience very high chat volumes.
•  Security enhancement: Made a change to redirect any HTTP requests to HTTPS services. Any HTTP requests, including communications related to Messaging APIs, will now automatically redirect to the HTTPS equivalent. This is in line with SaaS industry security and privacy best practices. The use of unencrypted HTTP communications is being deprecated throughout the product because they are unable to support modern security protocols.

Bug fixes

•  Addressed a bug where the Admin Dashboard Analytics > Labels drill down results did not match the selected date.
•  Addressed a bug where consumers of the Integration API saw dates that were formatted incorrectly.
•  Addressed a Supervisor-related bug where it was not possible for users to expand the right-side contact information panel after previously hiding the contact information panel.
•  Addressed a bug where the Hub setting to “Automatically sign out the agent when they are inactive” did not always work consistently if the 30-minute time-out option was selected.
•  Addressed a bug related to SMS-to-Chat when used in conjunction with an Answer Bot, in which the Answer Bot would sometimes fall into a “looping” behavior instead of proceeding to the next step.