Messaging and Live Chat Release Notes: July 2022

Product enhancements

•  Provisioning API: Added new fields (scheduleChatSettings), (scheduleCallSettings) to the Provisioning API; updated associated technical documentation on
•  Hub SDK: Added an enhancement to allow expansion of the right-side panel when using the Hub SDK to display integrated content inside the Hub. Now, the maximum panel width has been increased to 800px to better accommodate wider screens and improve usability and flexibility of the Hub. View technical documentation here.
•  Hub SDK: Added an enhancement to include the agent’s email address in the Hub SDK send events to improve traceability of the events and provide improved reporting. View technical documentation here.

Bug fixes

•  Addressed a bug in the SMS to Chat functionality where the chat would loop to the beginning of a Guide Bot script instead of transferring the visitor to a Post-Chat Survey.
•  Addressed a bug where billing receipts for the same invoice number could not be viewed due to a server error.
•  Addressed a bug that caused the Guide Bot to not always collect all required labels prior to transferring the chat to a human agent.
•  Addressed a bug that caused display issues when the Open Sans font was selected in the Design Studio settings.
•  Addressed a bug that caused the agent alias to change to an email address whenever a file was sent to the visitor.