7 Ways Live Chat Improves Customer Satisfaction

live chat improves customer satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction is a tricky business for customer support and success teams alike. Sometimes perceived improvements do too little, or often they do too much, going beyond what improvements were necessary and creating a whole new slate of issues. 

Luckily, not only does live chat improve customer satisfaction inherently, but it also provides the necessary framework and tools to paint a picture of exactly what customers demand for their ideal experience. Dive into your customers’ mindsets, see what works and what doesn’t, and construct personalized experiences with your customers and visitors. 

Invest in customer satisfaction and experience measurable results

Investing in customer satisfaction and experience manifests measurable results. When you tailor your service to fit customer expectations, you not only connect with your customers, but you significantly drive your company’s success.

  • Businesses focused on customer experience increase revenue 4-8% higher than others.
  • Organizations that pioneer in improved customer experiences outperform those that don’t by nearly 80%.
  • 84% of companies that strive to improve customer experiences indicate an increase in their revenue.

Today’s most competitive businesses are driven to realize the fastest possible route to robust customer satisfaction. However, contrary to some popular conceptions, customer satisfaction is not really all that dependent on niceties or token gestures. 

A truly great experience is what drives customer satisfaction. This means providing an experience that is both ideal for customers and for agents. When your staff have the best tools available, they can create the ideal experience and leverage Live chat to improve customer satisfaction. 

7 ways that live chat improves customer satisfaction

Live Chat is designed for remote Support teams

As more companies have implemented work from home policies due to the struggles of the pandemic era, more customer support agents have been reaching their customers from their own homes. This trend may very well continue into the near future and beyond. Even before the pandemic, remote customer support teams were already common. 

Live chat not only connects your team with your customers, but it also connects your team to each other and the business apparatus as a whole. Live chat is particularly ideal for the support team that is dispersed across the nation or globe. 

Designed for remote and distributed support teams, live chat provides tools for meaningful connection. Create groups, use automatic chat routing, and make chat transfers easy. Your support team will operate as a closely knit powerhouse, no matter the miles between them. 

live chat improves customer satisfaction

Chat with customers via their preferred channels

Use live chat to communicate with your customers and visitors through their specific, favorite channels. Whether it’s SMS, email, or even social media channels, live chat for customer support enables robust communication across the board. 

Customers will appreciate the myriad choices available for communication – who doesn’t like being catered to? Customers always appreciate Chat with customers via their preferred and favorite channels, whether it’s SMS or social media. 

Remove communication barriers

Live chat improves customer satisfaction with auto-translate and intelligent routing, there will never be any communication barriers. Converse with anyone anywhere, no matter their native language. Auto-translate works both ways, converting your native tongue to theirs and back, so nothing can be lost in translation. 

In the case that you would rather route specific customer conversations by language, intelligent routing makes it easy to instantly route any messages for a particular language to a particular team member. From anywhere in the world, your customers will feel heard.

Remove silos and communication barriers between your agents as well. Easily transfer chats and customer conversations between teams, while still maintaining the chat, so your customer is never bogged down in continuous transfers. While you and your team may be routing chats between agents or departments, on the customer-facing side the chat experience is unbroken.  

Leverage data for insights on customer trends

Leverage customer data from your CRM to better understand customer needs and trends. SnapEngage offers powerful integrations with the most popular CRM and help desk tools, such as SAP, Salesforce, TeamSupport, and Zendesk. 

The live chat SAP integration is particularly robust and natively built on SAP’s cutting-edge API technology. The SAP integration has also very recently been completely upgraded to provide new and exciting capabilities.  

Monitor and improve effectiveness of your teams with advanced analytics

Determine where your team excels and what’s working and what isn’t. Perfect your customer support and chat strategies to best reach and connect with your customers. Improve customer satisfaction with live chat tools specifically designed for in-depth analysis and reporting. 

Advanced routing eliminates any need for dual licenses

Eliminate exorbitant fees and unnecessary dual licenses with SnapEngage’s live chat for customer support built to tackle excessive spending. SnapEngage’s live chat bridges the gap between chat, CRMs, help desks, and you, ensuring that dual licenses for chat are made obsolete. Save on expenditure and realize new opportunities to scale. 

Add in chatbot implementation, and your agents can spend less time on answering common questions and more time on conversations and high-priority tasks. Frequently-asked-questions, customer concerns, wait times, and more – are addressed by leveraging chatbots. Together, chatbots and humans optimize agent tasks and foster a heightened focus on the most important tasks. 

Use custom field mapping to do away with consecutive transfers

Use custom field mapping so customers will never again be lost in consecutive departmental transfers. Route customers’ questions and requests by language, location, time spent on site, and much more. With myriad options for customization, you can tailor the mapping to precisely fit your needs, brand, and team-expertise. 

SnapEngage’s Live chat improves customer satisfaction and is built to empower you and your team, and create the best customer experience for both you and your customers. We are customer service experts ourselves, having won Stevie awards for customer service several years running, and we bring that experience to every engagement. More than a chat tool, we are a strategic customer service partner.

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