Integrate SnapEngage Live Chat with SAP Service Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud to deliver exceptional customer experiences

Eliminate silos with the world’s most powerful live chat integration for SAP

SnapEngage delivers the industry’s most trusted, most comprehensive live chat integration with SAP. We offer an enterprise-class digital conversation platform that integrates natively with SAP Service Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud (both part of the SAP Customer Experience suite). This powerful solution pairing is backed by our industry-leading customer support and is built for companies that are passionate about driving engagement and boosting satisfaction throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Gain a unified view of customer engagement

SnapEngage’s robust integration with SAP Service Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud makes it quick and easy to engage, convert and retain customers. Capturing the right data is critical, but too often this process is tedious and manual. The SnapEngage integration with SAP automatically captures and maps the data that is most relevant to your business.

Each SnapEngage conversation flows instantly into SAP to deliver critical data insights and provide global customer service, support and sales teams with a 360° view of customer engagement. Send SnapEngage conversations directly to SAP and create and manage Tickets and Contacts (Service) or Leads (Sales) to eliminate silos and unify customer data.

Rapid, customized deployments drive immediate service and sales results

This integration is built natively on SAP’s most advanced API technology. The SnapEngage and SAP integration can be deployed out-of-the-box within a matter of minutes without the assistance of developers. SnapEngage offers one of the world’s most customizable digital conversation platforms that seamlessly connects with SAP and other tools in your existing ecosystem. The integration is deeply customizable and can be readily adjusted to support sophisticated customer engagement strategies for complex organizations.

Provide world-class customer experiences with SnapEngage and SAP Service Cloud

Customer experience has never been more important. Integrating SnapEngage with SAP Service Cloud equips service teams with all the tools necessary to boost customer satisfaction, engage with customers in a meaningful way and expand and retain your customer base.

Benefits of pairing SnapEngage with SAP Service Cloud:

Skyrocket customer satisfaction

Use SnapEngage to engage with your customers at the right place and the right time. Every time a customer interacts with a chatbot or human agent, instantly send all conversation data to SAP and automatically generate tickets to ensure optimal service, monitor customer health and decrease overall time to resolution.

Resolve inquiries faster and reduce cost-per-interaction

Automatically label conversations based on key criteria and map unlimited data captured by SnapEngage into default or custom SAP fields to kick off downstream workflows. Ensure your team always has critical customer information at their fingertips to resolve customer inquiries efficiently and reduce cost-per-interaction.

Delight with omnichannel experiences

Engage with your customers wherever they are in the channels they prefer. Send all SnapEngage conversations originating from web chat, in-app chat, SMS, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and WeChat directly to SAP Service Cloud for a truly omnichannel customer experience.

Convert more leads and increase revenue with SnapEngage and SAP Sales Cloud

Every interaction is a chance to form a lasting customer relationship. Use the SnapEngage and SAP Sales Cloud integration to ensure you make every conversation count and ultimately drive revenue for your business.

Benefits of pairing SnapEngage with SAP Sales Cloud:

Never miss out on key opportunities

SnapEngage ensures you never miss out on an opportunity to win a sale. Our chatbots and routing capabilities allow you to engage with prospects within seconds and you can maintain all data inside SAP for a comprehensive view of your sales pipeline.

Reduce time to close

Capture critical data to rapidly qualify leads and use it to connect prospects with the correct sales team or representative. Map custom data from SnapEngage into SAP to initiate downstream workflows, assign follow-up tasks to sales reps, convert more leads and reduce time to close.

Increase sales velocity and boost productivity

Increase win-rates and empower teams by streamlining and automating routine sales tasks so that your sales organization can focus on higher-value interactions. SnapEngage chatbots and advanced routing paired with SAP Sales Cloud solution lets your team foster meaningful connections while simultaneously increasing sales velocity.

Award-winning integration support and services

SnapEngage is backed by an award-winning Client Success and Support team that partners with you to understand your unique business and customer engagement goals. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your SnapEngage + SAP implementation is successful and drives measurable business results.

Ready to pair SnapEngage with SAP?