SnapEngage with SAP for a Winning Customer-Centric Strategy

In the digital space — speed, responsiveness, and instant access to data — are all necessities for driving revenue. To prevent losing frustrated customers to your competition, silos must be eliminated and customer data unified into a singular, cohesive structure. An enterprise-level digital conversation platform, that integrates fluently with your database or ERP, is essential for a winning customer-centric strategy. 

Your business can rely on customers but not be customer-centric. If this is the case, you’re at a disadvantage. Your business must be as fluid as possible for your customers to interact how they prefer with your company — be it self-service, chat, email, phone, SMS — from wherever they’re located. 

Your sales and service agents must be able to access the data necessary to offer personalized service that informs customers and provides solutions in real-time. This demands well-crafted tools that seamlessly integrate, across applications, with all the support of top-end Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). 

SnapEngage’s integration with SAP Sales and Service Clouds is natively built on SAP’s cutting-edge API technology, providing you with the business benefits essential to enrich your customers and challenge your competitors.  


Enterprise-level digital conversation platform integrates natively with SAP

API technology plays a critical role for your business.  It facilitates the accessibility of internal data and ensures that customer-centric interactions are possible. SnapEngage’s empowering connection with SAP, and other tools in your ecosystem, allows you to capture and map the most relevant data to your business. 

SnapEngage chat transcripts are sent to your SAP account for a real-world diary of all customer interactions giving your agents a 360-degree view of all customers and prospects at any given time.


A sales-focused winning customer-centric strategy 

Adopt a customer-centric marketing strategy and increase market share with SnapEngage SAP integration. Push down concurrently on overhead by decreasing development costs with the tools afforded by integration. AI-powered analytics give you the transparency to recognize opportunities.

Know where your leads are and what they respond to – set systems in place to deliver exceptional follow-up and increase conversions. Bot analytics optimize your marketing budget with the insight you need for a healthier share in your ROI metrics.

With every customer interaction, you are given the chance to create a long-term customer relationship. You’ll drive revenue and increase profits by making every conversation count. Upgrade your customer engagement capabilities with our secure chat, SMS-to-Chat, chatbots, and social media integrations.



Never miss out on key opportunities 

Response time is paramount for potential customers. Customers have come to expect a response in minutes which is why 80% of customers prefer live chat

Chat gives customers a straight pipeline to specific information they need, by enabling businesses to quickly answer every incoming question. Bot or human, when you give people what they seek and fast, you cultivate retention.  

Engage prospects within seconds with proactive intelligent bots. Improving first-touch response time ushers in reduced time-to-close, and increases conversion rates. Routine sales tasks are streamlined and automated so agents can focus on high-value accounts that require human attention.

Sales teams can drive sales velocity and maximize revenue by leveraging customizable recommendations and target cross-sell and up-sell. Intelligent routing functions maintain all relevant data inside SAP for a comprehensive overview of your sales pipeline at all times. 


A service-focused winning customer-centric strategy

Customers can be won or lost the instant they need your support, especially since alternatives are seconds away. If you can first allow your customers the freedom to choose how and when they reach out to you — then provide a world-class customer experience — you’ll minimize churn. 

Customer service teams are empowered and more productive when SnapEngage is paired with SAP. AI-driven conversational intelligence equips service agents with the necessary tools to offer rapid resolutions that reinforce client loyalty. 

Chatbots give your service customers immediate responses with cutting-edge conversational AI. Relieve staff of commonplace queries and AI resolvable issues, and they’ll have the freedom to manifest creative solutions to complex matters — reducing the chance of losing frustrated customers to competitors.


Monitor and improve customer health

Service agents need access to a contextual knowledge base so they can offer immediate, personalized solutions. With access to customer profiles, histories, and product information while chatting, they’ll have the critical data to resolve customer inquiries on point and nurture consumer relationships. 

Service teams can automatically generate tickets for simple to complex inquiries. Intelligent technologies categorize and relay tickets to the appropriate agents. Every time a customer interacts with a chatbot or an agent – all conversation data, including chat transcripts – is labeled and mapped to SAP from SnapEngage, supporting real-time agile and cross-team workflows.

SnapEngage + SAP is a winning move

It’s no longer up for debate, the answer has been found. In the digital business world of today, your digital tools play an insurmountable, critical role in whether or not your teams have the capacity to deliver. To boost team productivity, reduce churn, and foster the kind of customer loyalty that scales, your staff must possess the technological ability to compete effectively. 

Intelligent systems that deliver consistent customer experience can integrate sales, service, and marketing with the rest of the enterprise. Eliminate silos by supporting your teams with the tools they need to collaborate effectively for increased sales and service efficiency.    

SnapEngage and SAP integration is a winning choice for enterprises seeking to improve customer experience metrics, and decrease cost-per-interaction. Out-of-the-box cloud-based solutions simplify application development and provide support to save time and resources. Receive tailored recommendations and pricing options based on your business requirements. 

Contact SnapEngage to learn more about our customizable protocol that can adapt to all your business processes and our award-winning Client Success and Support team committed to ensuring your success. Let SnapEngage help you develop the enterprise-level digital conversation platform you need for a winning customer-centric strategy.

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