What Our New and Improved SAP Integration Does for Your Brand

We understand the importance of powerful software services as well as essential chat solutions, and that’s why SnapEngage provides a totally upgraded and new SAP integration, providing the most trusted, vigorous, and comprehensive native live chat integration with the benchmark CRM.

Integration is an art form. The contemporary business landscape is awash in myriad digital solutions. This can be great – choice matters, and there is ample opportunity to find the right solutions for your business, such as SAP, a powerful and popular enterprise software developer. That said, these solutions often lack an essential function: high-quality live chat. Driving the customer journey, maintaining client interest and loyalty, providing award-winning services – these are all focuses necessary for any organization to scale and experience success. These focuses are integral functions, and key components, of live chat integration.

Organizations intent on sustainable growth require powerful solutions built to accommodate and facilitate their passions. There’s no surprise that many companies go to SAP for this task, some 77% of the world’s transactions involve SAP and their software. However, a live chat solution is nothing short of essential for robust customer engagement. 


Improve the service and support experience

Everyone likes a dream team. The powerful pairing of SAP and SnapEngage chat solutions is founded on our industry-leading and award-winning customer support. Drive engagement, boost satisfaction, and provide an always-positive journey to all of your online visitors. SAP is a powerhouse, and keeping with that status, SnapEngage provides the world’s most powerful native live chat integration. 

With integrated live chat, you’ll never miss an opportunity to engage with customers and deliver instant service and support. You’re also afforded the ability to maintain the data inside SAP for a full analysis and comprehensive view of your support history. 

An exceptional customer engagement tool offers your customer-base heightened experiences and fosters meaningful connections. These connections both solidify customer loyalty and convert leads. With chat, you pique client interest and provide lightning-speed responses and guidance. 

To drive engagement and address any service concerns, capturing the right data is critical. However, doing so is often a tedious process and demands manual oversight or actual tallying. Our integration with SAP performs automatic and instant captures, and also maps the data that you judge as most relevant to your business.

SnapEngage’s enterprise-class digital conversation platform integrates seamlessly with SAP Service Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud (both part of the SAP Customer Experience suite). It’s an impossible choice when deciding between powerful software or an exceptional chat solution, so why not both?

Taking advantage of cutting-edge APIs and functionalities, SnapEngage’s upgraded SAP integration boasts exciting features such as custom data mapping and agent mapping. Our new and improved integration with SAP is even more powerful, impactful, and optimal to perfect your customers’ experience.


SnapEngage’s SAP Integration empowers your sales opportunities

The sales process can be arduous and piecemeal. Winning sales and maintaining steady pipelines is a science. With SnapEngage’s chat integration, the process is streamlined and optimized for unity. Capture critical data instantly, and quickly qualify leads. Connect prospects with the optimal sales team or representative and drastically reduce the sales timeline. Convert more leads and reduce time to close. The chat integration with SAP empowers you to engage prospects and win sales in record time with laser-focused precision.



Eliminate silos and capture critical customer data

Chances are that your business software needs are complex, and you need sub-accounts, or “widgets.” Using widgets, you can easily configure data flow, preventing the build-up of silos. To keep communication open and accessible, each widget can write to separate use cases, whether they’re Service Cloud or Sales Cloud. 

You can configure these relationships in unique ways that best suit your business requirements. Specific mapping can be done on a widget by widget basis, providing you the ability to easily communicate and instantly transfer information, and solutions, between sub-accounts. 

The integration automatically sends the SnapEngage chat transcript (or offline request) to SAP Service Cloud or Sales Cloud. All you have to do is choose the best path for you by utilizing the customizable configuration in the SnapEngage dashboard.

Using the service workflow, a ticket and a contact in SAP will be created (or update an existing contact). If the sales workflow is used, a new lead is created and a new task assigned to that lead.

These systems are optimized to simultaneously eliminate silos and capture critical client data, streamlining your process. Smash silos separating departments and reshape your customer’s journey to your direct benefit. All you have to do is leverage the tools SnapEngage and SAP provide via integration. 


Immediate service and support results

The core SAP integration functionality SnapEngage already provides is powerful in its own right. However, the integration is even more so with the addition of custom mappings. Custom data mapping allows users to send and map data from a variety of sources (SnapEngage general data, Labels, JavaScript, and Text) into any field desired.

Agent mapping confirms that the created lead or ticket is owned by the appropriate user. This applies to all chats, whether they are handled by human agents or bots. Another ticket response option is sending a chat link to the customer.

For service workflow specifically, when a web-visitor starts a chat SnapEngage queries SAP to determine if the specific contact already exists. If it does, a link to the contact is displayed to the agent. The display provides the agent with the framework to easily view the information that already lives in SAP.

The flexibility and automation the enhanced SAP integration provides is nothing short of essential for contemporary enterprises. Business ecosystems are complex and only becoming more so, verifying the necessity of integrative navigation.

The integration will prevent data gaps and support information flow within and across departments. Sales, Marketing, Support or Client Success, can all access valuable information during an ongoing chat or after. Time to first touch, time to revenue, and time to resolution – all significantly boost client satisfaction and retention.

SnapEngage and the SAP integration create a monumental impact on major metrics, skyrocketing acquisition, adoption, expansion, and retention.



Getting Started

The SnapEngage SAP integration can deploy out-of-the-box immediately without any technical assistance. It’s simple to implement and operate so you can reap the rewards without a hitch.

Please visit our help site for a detailed overview of the SnapEngage SAP integration, with instructions for getting started.

If you would like additional guidance on using the live chat SAP integration, please reach out to our Client Success team. Our award-winning team will partner with you to understand your unique business and customer engagement goals. We’ll work with you, every step of the way, to ensure your SAP integration is successfully implemented and drives measurable business results.


*The new SAP C4C integration is available on Enterprise accounts only.

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