Survey Chatbots Drive Critical Business Insights in 2021


Contemporary digital dependence has solidified the chatbot as a necessary feature for all businesses across industries. However, many organizations are still missing the opportunity to directly tap into the voice of their customers by using survey chatbots for invaluable customer experience (CX) metrics. Survey chatbots drive critical business insights by opening a window into precisely what your customer is thinking, and they provide data needed to continually heighten the customer experience.

Traditional online surveys fall short of capturing the full picture due to notoriously low engagement rates. It’s not often that someone will pause their busy day to respond to a survey request, whether it’s in their inbox or in a website pop-up. Surveys need to be seamless and expertly integrated with the customer experience to grab attention. Without cohesion, it’s too often that valuable insight is lost. 

Survey chatbots (like the SnapEngage Guide Bot) are easy to set up and they collect a variety of valuable customer feedback: Net Promoter Scores (NPS), Customer Satisfaction ratings (CSAT), and neatly integrate collected data into your CRM or database. This feedback provides the distinct advantage of having metrics on-hand to drive business decisions in the best direction.



Survey chatbots are superior to traditional survey methods 

Organizations are at a massive disadvantage without access to robust customer feedback. For organizations to understand the scale of customer satisfaction, and what leads are seeking, it is instrumental that a vigorous survey-taking system is in place, such as through a survey chatbot. Top-performing enterprises tend to pay special attention to the voice of their clients. This allows them ample opportunity to make informed decisions that enhance the customer experience. 

A popular way to collect customer feedback is by asking customers to engage with customer surveys via email or a webpage’s survey pop-up. These methods require additional attention and action and so customers often ignore them. Feedback gleaned from traditional methods can therefore be inconsistent, limited in scope, and misleading.


AI-driven chatbot technology continually provides real-time metrics

The expectations of consumers and current trends are in a state of constant evolution. Businesses must keep their finger on the pulse of real-time customer and lead sentiment to anticipate needs and exceed expectations. AI-driven chatbot technology integrates conversational and survey data to impart valuable metrics that organizations can then pivot to act on.

Survey chatbots can even embed the survey within chatbot conversations. In this case, users may not be aware they are taking a survey at all. Users chatting with a survey chatbot tend to answer with more honesty when questions are asked in the context of a conversation. 

The data collected in bot histories can be compared with user suggestions and complaints to personalize the customer experience. Data integrated with a CRM or database is continually updated, allowing a real-time window into a client’s mind.


Customer Experience Metrics (CX) Made Simple

Survey chatbots that collect Customer Experience metrics give brands the insight needed to deliver the optimal customer experience. CX represents specific customer perceptions across all interactions with your brand. 

Brands can achieve deeper insights into customers, employees, products, services, and overall brand loyalty, by combining experience data with operational data. 

Survey chatbots can be customized to collect data for key CX metrics such as NPS or CSAT. When CX metrics are incorporated with AI-driven chatbot analytics, invaluable business insights surface that allow brands to hone in on specific areas.


What is a Net Promotor Score (NPS)?

A Net Promoter Score is a typical barometer of the customer experience metric to measure customer loyalty. Commonly used by businesses in all industries to track and measure customer perception, NPS is one simple question that packs the punch of a great deal of information.

How likely is it that you would recommend [X] to someone else? 

Customers respond on a scale between 0-10. This simple question is usable in multiple contexts and frequencies for aligning particular data metrics. 

A transactional NPS retrieves targeted data about a product or service at the granular level to measure data such as: new customer onboarding, the response to a launch of new products or services, or individual customer service experiences.

A relational NPS offers a bird’s eye view by capturing perceptions of your overall brand. Business insights gained from a relational NPS reveal larger-scale trends year-over-year and help you compete intelligently with industry-wide NPS comparisons.


What is CSAT?

CSAT is a basic Customer Satisfaction measurement that covers a wide range of metrics from overall brand impact down to product-specific impressions. 

A typical CSAT program might ask for satisfaction levels, after a certain interaction, with available responses ranging from Very Satisfied to Very Unsatisfied. However, survey chatbots can be customized on the front end to portray a brand’s personality. With a personalized system, composite satisfaction scores are determined by the average of the responses.  

Access to real-time customer experience metrics via survey chatbots provides brands the opportunity to act on critical feedback. This will drive customer acquisition and retention. Organizations that gather CX metrics are able to track progress, calculate ROI, and prioritize future investments. 



Survey chatbots give you better CX metrics

Successful companies see when customer expectations shift and know that these changes will continue to evolve. But what isn’t measured can’t be managed. 

Customer-focused metrics such as NPS and CSAT supply insight into consumer satisfaction. However, they are much more powerful when applied in tandem with the holistic metrics of conversational AI statistics, which are collected by survey chatbots and then integrated into an organization’s CRM or database.

Chatbot analytic tools can analyze historical bot conversations to gain further insight into the customer experience for a greater understanding of individual needs for future initiatives. Importantly, chatbots can be trusted to measure themselves. In analyzing chatbot performance, you can learn how to simplify processes for user-friendly interactions across all channels. It’s easy to set up a survey Guide Bot in less than 5 minutes so that you can immediately begin collecting and actioning on critical customer insights. 

The digital reliance of 2020 made it clear that customers expect brands to anticipate their needs, personalize their interactions, and offer them an exceptional customer experience across all channels and all touchpoints. Survey chatbots provide you and your brand the business insights necessary to exceed these growing expectations and earn greater success on the digital marketplace.

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