Will Chatbot Automation Take My Job?

chatbot automation

When automation and work are mentioned in the same breath, there is usually some anxiety over whether or not robots are coming for your livelihood. However, if it’s chatbots that make you nervous, you can rest easy. Whichever industry you work in, chatbot automation isn’t here to take your job – and we have the data to prove it. If anything, chatbots may actually increase human employment in the long run.

It’s become evident that the implementation of chatbots makes businesses more successful – so successful that they grow much more rapidly than those who do not. This explosive growth results in scaling companies which means increased hiring of real people. In short, chatbots are here to stay, but so are humans. 

Chatbot Automation Drives Business Growth

“In a single week, the SnapEngage Guide Bot generated nearly $20K in new sales for 4Patriots. The Guide Bot quickly paid for itself and has also generated enough revenue to pay for additional staff we’ve brought in to handle elevated volumes. Being able to use SnapEngage as a revenue-generating system has been extremely exciting for us. In addition, our response times went down significantly.” – 4Patriots

It’s difficult to have an opinion of automation not shaped to some degree by science fiction or live chat myths. In many cases, we tend to believe that robots or some form of artificial intelligence is sinister and out to replace humans. While this is obviously an exaggeration, there does exist some degree of hesitancy in adopting bot-driven initiatives. However, we have now found that chatbots not only do not replace human staff, they actually correlate with greater employment of human staff. 

We reviewed metadata for all SnapEngage clients from 2020 to 2021 and found that those who use chatbots also grew their human staff significantly more than those who do not. Let’s break down the numbers: 

Clients Using Bots

  • Growth of Overall Revenue: 27.32%
  • Growth of Agent Employment: 7.46%

Clients Not Using Bots

  • Growth of Overall Revenue: 5.06%
  • Growth of Agent Employment: 4.46%

What we’ve found is that chatbot automation not only provides the means for businesses to scale much more effectively, but they also end up growing agent count more than those who don’t use them. Who said robots and humans can’t live in peace? 

chatbot automation

Chatbot Automation Lets Agents Be More Human

The automated capabilities of chatbots soak up routine and cumbersome tasks, letting agents focus on tasks that require uniquely human skills. When human agents are relieved of mindless and repetitive tasks, they can be more creative, personable, and satisfied overall. 

Bots also possess remarkable versatility in function, so they can free up numerous workflow burdens and increase job satisfaction for agents. A well orchestrated chatbot strategy can also significantly increase overall customer engagement, resulting in happier clients and increased sales. 

Bots can guide online visitors to make purchases and find specific resources. Without the burden of acting as a guide, your staff can direct more of their attention towards building quality conversations and relationships with customers. Meaningful customer relationships drive retention and bolster general brand loyalty. 

When your customers continue to trust and use your business, they don’t merely operate in a vacuum as satisfied, revenue-driving clients. Instead they will be much more likely to recommend and evangelize your business, further driving growth.

Chatbot Automation Optimizes the Customer Experience

By utilizing integrated help desk platforms and chatbot implementation, agents can spend less time on answering common questions and more time on quality conversations. 

  • 90% of survey respondents using bots have measurable improvements in speed of complaint resolution
  • 60% of US consumers prefer self-service options for simple tasks
  • 80% of customer questions are repetitive, quick and frequently asked questions
  • 23% of live chats receive no attention, chatbots fill the gaps

Frequently-asked-questions, routine problems, wait times, and more, are all tackled efficiently by leveraging chatbots. When combined, chatbots and humans optimize agent activities and create an effective hyper-focus across all workflows.

Bots can also be used to survey customers to get a more valuable picture of customer trends, perceptions, and common concerns. The better you know your customer, the better you can address their needs and consequently drive revenue. 

Leverage SnapEngage’s chatbot automation and grow revenue for your business. Schedule a free and quick chatbot strategy meeting with a SnapEngage Solution Specialist to learn more about why you can’t miss out on the incredible benefits of using bots on your website. 

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