Double Your Results: How to Leverage Both Proactive Live Chat and Reactive Chat

Written by guest author Mary Tian, SnapEngage Client Success Manager

Combine the power of proactive and reactive chat to boost the power of your chat strategy. SnapEngage Client Success Manager, Mary, dives deeper into boosting customer engagement by using both types of chat. Get to know the options and start chatting with 30% more site visitors.


What are Reactive and Proactive Chats?  

Just like many conversations, there are two types of chats, reactive chat and proactive chat. Utilizing both proactive and reactive chat allows for twice the power to reach site visitors more effectively than before.

What is reactive chat?

Reactive chats are chats initiated by your website visitor, and responded to by an online agent. The trick to success is making sure those inbound chats are responded to within seconds. Visitors can be turned off quickly when their inquiries aren’t reciprocated. To help facilitate rapid response, reactive chat distribution can be set up two different ways.

  1. Notify all online agents at once of each incoming chat (limited to a maximum number of 5 agents). 
  2. Automatically rotate each incoming chat to a specific agent.

Using SnapEngage in the second scenario, chats are assigned to agents with the least number of current chats. If all agents have an equal number of ongoing chats, then the system will randomly assign the chat to an agent. 


What is Proactive Chat?

Proactive chats are initiated by the SnapEngage system and will appear to the website visitor like a direct message to them from an agent. As a best practice, we recommend setting up proactive messages to populate at different times and on different pages for site visitors. For example, setting a proactive chat trigger after a site visitor has been browsing the same page for 1 minute serves as a reminder that your team is there to help with any questions.

You can create page-specific proactive chats for products or pages you’d like to highlight. The chat is hyper-personalized to create a seamless customer experience. These chats are first assigned to agents with the least number of chats when a visitor is on your site and meets the criteria you’ve selected in your Admin Dashboard under Proactive Chat. All things being equal, proactive chat assignment is random.

You can use reactive chat and proactive chat in conjunction. Proactive chat can be especially helpful for sales teams looking to increase visitor engagement. For example, sales team in the past had the option of connection with clients through email and phone only. Flash forward to present day. Chat opens doors of collaboration to transform the sales process and makes it easier than ever to communicate with prospects throughout the entire sales process.

The American Marketing Association found that B2B companies who used live chat see, on average, a 20% increase in conversions. Proactive chat also works to transform your customer engagement. Not only is live chat is a cost-effective customer support channel, but on average, companies using live chat save up to 50% or more on support costs versus other support channels. We have found that live chat increases the productivity of client support agents because one person can handle up to 10 simultaneous chats at once, depending on the complexity of the issues at hand.

Capitalize on SnapEngage’s routing capabilities

The two main ways to route chats to specific agents are routing by tag or skill, and routing by widget or department.

In some organizations, there are chat agents with different skill sets and expertise. Our routing by tag feature allows you to capitalize on these different skill sets by assigning the chat agent specific “tags” to coincide with their expertise. For example, a “Spanish” tag would imply that the chat agent speaks Spanish, while a “Construction” tag implies that the chat agent has extensive knowledge in the construction field. Website visitors can seamlessly chat with those agents assigned the correct “tag” or expertise according to their needs.

To use routing by tag, you would assign the visitor “tags”, like “Spanish” or “construction”, via the JavaScript API. When your website visitor starts a chat with you, they will have already been assigned tags based on the logic you/your developers build.

You can assign tags to your agents in the Admin Dashboard. SnapEngage will then know which agents to direct the chat to, as the tags will have already been passed to the system.

You may find your chat agent team expanding, in which case you can use routing by widget. Widgets enable different configurations for different sites, products or departments. For example, a “Sales widget” and a “Support widget” act as a clarification between the two teams. Now that the teams are separate, you can easily and quickly allow your website visitors to be connected with the correct department by using the “widget selector”. The widget selector tool allows visitors to choose the nature of their inquiry-based on pre-populated selections you have provided prior to starting a chat. Now, chats can route seamlessly to the correct department without any unnecessary transfers.

About the Author:

Mary is a Client Success Manager at SnapEngage, focusing primarily on clients in the United States. In true Colorado style, when she is not delighting our clients, you can find Mary mountain biking and relaxing with her 85-pound puppy, Atticus.

Release Notes Aug. 15th: Post-Chat Visitor Transcript Request

Hello SnapEngagers!

Today we have a great update for our recently released Visitor Email Transcript Request option.

Using the new “End chat delay” option in the Integrations settings, your visitors can now request the email transcript for a short configurable time following the end of the chat. This feature is particularly useful to convert unknown visitors and gather their email address.

(Please note that the chat still counts as closed for the agent, so it will not occupy a chat slot or increase the chat duration in the analytics.)

  • Once enabled, the email transcript option will be offered below the chat transcript, and if applicable, above the survey option.
  • If the visitor requested a chat transcript already during the chat, this form will not appear.
  • If your configuration is set to only send the chat transcript to the destination when the visitor email address is valid, entering the email will also trigger sending the case to your integration.
  • The email address the visitor entered is now included in the CSV export option, custom data mapping option and logs API.


Other updates

  • Bot API: We are now no longer sending system messages to the bot (reloading or browsing on the page, transfer system messages, etc) so the bot does not mistakenly try to respond to messages not sent by the visitor.
  • The chat transcript in the Logs section now includes the widget name as an additional field below the agent survey section.

Resolved Issues

  • Hub:
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in a ‘Something unexpected happened’ error on Internet Explorer and Edge.
    • Fixed an auto-pause sound notification issue.
    • Fixed an issue where the number of ongoing chats of other agents did not show up in the transfer menu.
    • Fixed an issue where some chat messages were removed from the input box before being sent when trying to copy&paste.
  • Visitor Chat: Fixed an issue where the ‘Please wait…’ system message was not showing to the visitor before connecting to an agent.
  • Admin Dashboard:
    • Fixed an issue where saving the proactive chat configuration page with a lot of rules showed an error.
    • Fixed an issue where the Save button sometimes did not show up in the admin dashboard.

A Day in the Life of a SnapEngage Account Executive

Coffee with SnapEngage 

Welcome to our newest series, Coffee with SnapEngage! We are proud of the culture that we live here at SnapEngage. Join us in celebrating our talented team in both our Berlin, Germany and Colorado, U.S.A. offices! When you chat with us, you are always chatting with a real member of our team; it’s about time you meet them.

Today we are chatting with Jasmin about sales, travel, and even a few fun facts.

1. Tell us a little about yourself. 

My name is Jasmin, I am a German living in Berlin and I’ve been with SnapEngage for over 4 years now. In my role as an Account Executive I am in charge of the European and Asian markets. 

At heart I am an adventurer. I love travelling and immersing myself in different cultures. Due to my natural curiosity and being a good listener, I am able to connect authentically with people both in and outside the company.

2. How did you find your way to SnapEngage?

It was meant to be! I found SnapEngage’s job posting when I was still living in Canada but was looking to move back to Germany. (After 3 Canadian winters I just couldn’t deal with the cold anymore!) SnapEngage and I are the perfect match, just like chocolate and peanut butter. 

While we have many innovative and unique features, I love our focus on measurable business outcomes. We are closely working together with our prospects and clients to specify KPIs and develop custom chat strategies to achieve their business goals. Proven ROI is the key ingredient to happy clients that become true advocates of SnapEngage.
-Jasmin, Account Executive

3. What is an exciting project you’re working on currently?

An ongoing project I am very passionate about is growing our customer base in the EU. As part of this we have been focusing on GDPR compliance, more localized content, targeted marketing outreaches, and more. 

4. What makes SnapEngage stand out?

SnapEngage has been in the chat space for 10 years now and has grown steadily as a completely customer-funded company. Today we are a leading live chat software provider, installed on over 10,000 websites worldwide.

While we have many innovative and unique features, I love our focus on measurable business outcomes. We are closely working together with our prospects and clients to specify KPIs and develop custom chat strategies to achieve their business goals. Proven ROI is the key ingredient to happy clients that become true advocates of SnapEngage.

5. What is your favorite thing about working for SnapEngage?

The team makes all the difference. Every day I am surrounded by amazing people who are working hard towards the same goal: making SnapEngage the best chat solution there is. Having such amazing co-workers makes it a joy coming into the office. Even on Monday morning.

6. What piece of advice would you give a new employee starting in the sales team?

Take interest in the challenges we are facing and trying to solve. Being new to the team does not mean you should not contribute ideas or suggestions.  Be all in – in life and at work.

7. How would you describe the sales team culture?

I might be biased but I’d say the sales team is the coolest team at SnapEngage! 

We are a group of passionate sales professionals who deeply care about SnapEngage and its users. We are working closely together and supporting each other to reach our goals. While we can totally geek out about numbers, we are also passionate about the cutest pets, the best hiking spots, and finding the perfect gif for any conversation.  

8. How does the SnapEngage product help other Account Executives?

Live chat turns every website visitor into a conversion opportunity and is one of the most efficient and effective tools for any Account Executive. With SnapEngage you will instantly build rapport with prospects, fill your sales pipeline, and boost lead conversion. Come and start a chat with me on to find out more!

Release Notes August 1st: Survey rating & comment integration mapping, visitor email transcript request option

Hello SnapEngagers,

We have some nice improvements to announce today:

Visitor email transcript request

We have added a much-requested feature to the visitor chatbox: Visitors can request their email transcript, so chat agents do not have to manually forward those to the visitor anymore. You can read more about this option here.

A shortly upcoming improvement to this option is an option for the visitor to request the transcript for a brief time after the chat has ended. This feature will be available in conjunction with the other improvement:

Survey grace period

This option allows the closing of the case to be delayed by a few minutes (1 to 10) for the visitors to fill in the survey, so it can also be sent along with the integration, transcript email or integration API. You can read how to set up this feature here.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue when the transcript still recorded the location after setting the option to not store it.
  • Bot API:
    • Fixed an issue where the bot responded to a system transfer message
    • Updated the API code template linked in the help article to take care of some system response issues. If you are interested in using the Bot API Beta, please contact us on [email protected]
  • Visitor Chat: 
    • Fixed an issue where the agent avatar did not update on transfer.
    • Fixed an issue where the text button disappeared after ending the chat in IE11
    • Fixed an issue where the visitor chat JavaScript code assigned incorrect values for the visitor name, if no name was given.
  • Hub:
    • Fixed some issues causing a ‘something unexpected’ error to appear.
    • Improved syncing the Hub after the chat to automatically display unread team chat messages.
    • Fixed an issue causing agents to be logged out when labeling a chat.
    • Fixed an issue where the Knowledge Base option disappeared when switching the widget during the chat.