Release Notes Aug. 15th: Post-Chat Visitor Transcript Request

Hello SnapEngagers!

Today we have a great update for our recently released Visitor Email Transcript Request option.

Using the new “End chat delay” option in the Integrations settings, your visitors can now request the email transcript for a short configurable time following the end of the chat. This feature is particularly useful to convert unknown visitors and gather their email address.

(Please note that the chat still counts as closed for the agent, so it will not occupy a chat slot or increase the chat duration in the analytics.)

  • Once enabled, the email transcript option will be offered below the chat transcript, and if applicable, above the survey option.
  • If the visitor requested a chat transcript already during the chat, this form will not appear.
  • If your configuration is set to only send the chat transcript to the destination when the visitor email address is valid, entering the email will also trigger sending the case to your integration.
  • The email address the visitor entered is now included in the CSV export option, custom data mapping option and logs API.


Other updates

  • Bot API: We are now no longer sending system messages to the bot (reloading or browsing on the page, transfer system messages, etc) so the bot does not mistakenly try to respond to messages not sent by the visitor.
  • The chat transcript in the Logs section now includes the widget name as an additional field below the agent survey section.

Resolved Issues

  • Hub:
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in a ‘Something unexpected happened’ error on Internet Explorer and Edge.
    • Fixed an auto-pause sound notification issue.
    • Fixed an issue where the number of ongoing chats of other agents did not show up in the transfer menu.
    • Fixed an issue where some chat messages were removed from the input box before being sent when trying to copy&paste.
  • Visitor Chat: Fixed an issue where the ‘Please wait…’ system message was not showing to the visitor before connecting to an agent.
  • Admin Dashboard:
    • Fixed an issue where saving the proactive chat configuration page with a lot of rules showed an error.
    • Fixed an issue where the Save button sometimes did not show up in the admin dashboard.