Release Notes Week of June 19: Analytics Table Sorting – SMS text-to-chat auto-replies

Hello everyone,

here are the updates the development team has been working on the past week:

  • Analytics: You can now sort the tables in the Agent Response & Agent Duration analytics by the different categories.
  • Channels: The SMS Text-To-Chat feature now supports the online auto-reply message as well as the offline message.
Bug Fixes
  • We have fixed an issue with the Zendesk integration, where chats with file attachments of specific types (PNG and GIF files of above 1mb) were causing duplicate tickets and sometimes failed to go through to Zendesk.

How to Create Winning Customer Experiences with Employee Engagement Strategies

How to Create Winning Customer Experiences with Employee Engagement Strategies

Happy Team, Happy Customers

Guest Author: Heather Younger, Customer Fanatix Founder & CEO

Which comes first: the employee or the customer? This is a constant question that businesses of all sizes face as they struggle to balance employee and customer needs. There are plenty of arguments to be made in favor of putting the customer first every time. After all, without customers that are ready and willing to buy, it is impossible to support and maintain a business and the employees that serve that business. Supports of this mentality believe that businesses should focus 100% of efforts on delighting customers if they stand any chance of being successful.

However, we have all heard the “Employee first, customer second” philosophy on growing and maintaining a flourishing business. Supporters of this philosophy believe that companies should put employees first in all situations, and the rest will fall into place.

Why does employee engagement matter to my customers?


My personal experiences in employee engagement have shown me that an effective employee experience strategy directly affects the customer experience. When my clients want to transform their customer experience, they often list off well-known companies that are praised for excellent customer experiences and ask what they can do to achieve the same results.


When I get these types of questions, my answer often surprises clients: It’s very exciting that you’re prepared to move forward with a customer experience strategy, but let’s take a look at your employee experience strategy first.  Continue reading “How to Create Winning Customer Experiences with Employee Engagement Strategies”

Release notes for week of June 12th: Chat-Box close with Escape Key, dropdown selection placeholder, ‘Entry URL’ custom mapping

Hi chatters,

here are the release notes for the past week:

  • The Chat Box can now be closed with the escape-key for better accessibility.
  • In the Design Studio, we added a first default selection (“placeholder”) for dropdown fields. This can be customized using the new placeholder field.
  • Added “Entry URL” to the SnapEngage custom mappings dropdown.
Bug fixes
  • Re-added missing configurable survey rating lines to the Configure Messages section
  • Fixed some issues with chat-box buttons not displaying correctly in the call-me and file upload mode.
  • Improved the Zendesk integration to avoid an issue where some cases were not pushed to Zendesk automatically.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the chat button would show up on top of the chat box, for example during immediately-fired proactive chats or immediate uses of SnapEngage.startLink()


How to Maximize the Latest SnapEngage Updates

How to Maximize the Latest SnapEngage Updates

At SnapEngage, we’re constantly finding new ways to improve the user experience and drive customer engagement forward. With that, we’re proud to share with you a quick round-up of some of our latest product updates, as well as tips to make the most of each within your organization. Check ’em out!

New Minimized Chat View

We’ve recently applied a new minimized view of the chat for enhanced end-user experience. When the chat is minimized, visitors now see the agent’s avatar displayed along with a preview of the agent’s message(s). A message ticker count will also display beside the agent avatar. Learn more about minimized view improvements here.


Tip for Sucesss: This feature will soon be implemented automatically on all SnapEngage accounts, but you can still take advantage of this update now. Just head over to your Admin Dashboard’s “Design Studio” tab, and click “Save Changes” to implement the new minimized view on your account. Also, consider your agent photos carefully when choosing them. They provide an easy way to add a human element to the chat experience. Check out these tips to choose effective agent photosContinue reading “How to Maximize the Latest SnapEngage Updates”

Release notes for June 5th: A new minimized chat view and message preview

Hi everyone,

Some exciting updates to share with you today:

We applied a new minimized view of the chat and updated message notifications! We now show the picture of the agent and a preview of the message if the agent replies:

Other Updates:

  • Related to this update you can now also select to ‘Show No Button’ in the Design Studio -> Online Button tab. (Previously this was only available on the Offline Button tab.) This way you can make the chat available only on proactive prompt.
    Our next upcoming feature is going to be a setting to enable this new minimized view for the proactive chat, to have a smaller, more subtle chat invite. Contact us if you want to be notified about this feature!
  • The mobile image button image size is now automatically reduced in size by 40% to fit better with mobile screens.
  • Improved automatically removing Facebook Messenger connections (beta feature)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in the call-me configuration where not all country flags and pre-dials appeared automatically.
  • Fixed a non-severe security issue, where a visitor could self-XSS themselves through the chat box.