How to Maximize the Latest SnapEngage Updates

How to Maximize the Latest SnapEngage Updates

by | Jun 8, 2017

At SnapEngage, we’re constantly finding new ways to improve the user experience and drive customer engagement forward. With that, we’re proud to share with you a quick round-up of some of our latest product updates, as well as tips to make the most of each within your organization. Check ’em out!

New Minimized Chat View

We’ve recently applied a new minimized view of the chat for enhanced end-user experience. When the chat is minimized, visitors now see the agent’s avatar displayed along with a preview of the agent’s message(s). A message ticker count will also display beside the agent avatar. Learn more about minimized view improvements here.


Tip for Sucesss: This feature will soon be implemented automatically on all SnapEngage accounts, but you can still take advantage of this update now. Just head over to your Admin Dashboard’s “Design Studio” tab, and click “Save Changes” to implement the new minimized view on your account. Also, consider your agent photos carefully when choosing them. They provide an easy way to add a human element to the chat experience. Check out these tips to choose effective agent photos

Design Studio Survey Updates

For those seeking to customize the chat experience further, we’ve added the ability for admins to customize the agent survey rating text when using Design Studio. Head on over to the “Configure Messages” tab within the Design Studio settings to customize this messaging to your liking.

Tip for Success: You can use our standard text options, but don’t be afraid to use this as an opportunity to showcase your organization’s personality and brand. Strive to create a unified chat experience by using consistent messaging across your post-chat surveys, chat boxes, forms, and online/offline buttons.

“Who Closed the Chat?” Reporting

Have you ever wished for the ability to view reporting on exactly which person (the visitor or the agent) closed the chat? This has been a highly requested reporting feature, so we’re excited to announce that we’ve added a line entry that shows whether the visitor or the agent closed the chat (this data shows at the end of the case transcript). Users can also view a timestamp showing exactly when the chat was closed for additional insight.

Tips for Success: Admins can use this feature to ensure that agents are following prescribed chat protocols within their organization (i.e.: some organizations prefer that their agents do not close any chats, so that the chat ends only when the visitor closes it). As a best practice, we advise that agents always check with their visitor before closing a chat. Agents can use a simple canned message such as “Can I help you with anything else at the moment?” when the chat conversation is winding down. This provides visitors with an opportunity to ask additional questions before the chat is closed.

New Entry URL Mapping Options

We’ve added the ability for users to map the entry URL data from live chats over to their preferred integration (as additional SnapEngage information).

Tips for Success: As a quick refresher, the entry URL is the first page on your website where a visitor landed (that is, a visitor who eventually starts a chat on your website). In case you see “none” reported, this likely indicates that the visitor has made this information inaccessible. You can use entry URL reporting to help you identify pages that rank highly in search results or to help you figure out what information your customers are looking for. This data can also be used to help you identify where your customers are having trouble on your website. With this new option, you can use our custom mappings feature to map entry URL data to the help desk or CRM that your team uses.

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