A More Powerful SnapEngage + HubSpot Integration

Convert More Leads With
SnapEngage + HubSpot

The SnapEngage + HubSpot integration just got a whole lot better! We’ve updated our native integration with HubSpot to provide more actionable insights for your sales team to turn passive website visitors into qualified leads and valued customers. A few notable features and benefits of the enhanced integration are highlighted below.

Automatically create new leads and update existing contacts when you chat with your website visitors

When you chat with new website visitors, SnapEngage will automatically send your lead’s contact information into HubSpot at the close of a chat. For returning chatters, SnapEngage will display your contact’s information to your chat agent so your team always knows who they’re chatting with and what was said.

View chat transcripts in contact timelines

The most noteworthy update associated with our enhanced HubSpot integration is the ability to now view full chat transcripts directly in a contact’s timeline, providing a 360 degree view of your customers at any given time.

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How To Get Your Website Visitors To Chat With You

It’s Not You, It’s Me.

Live chat is much like a dating game. You can flaunt chat buttons all over your website and dish out the best pick-up lines to try to kindle a relationship with your website visitors, but in the end, your visitors are in control of swiping left and rejecting your invitation, or swiping right to explore more about what you have to offer.

Live chat software doesn’t have much use if nobody’s chatting. So, how do you maximize opportunities to talk with your website visitors? Here are a few tips to increase awareness and get more prospects and customers chatting with you.

Get Noticed

If your web visitors can’t see you, how will they talk with you? Make sure your chat buttons are strategically placed on your website so that visitors have easy access to start a conversation with your team. Use a floating button and/or consider adding chat buttons in the header and footer of your website so there is a consistent display and access point for visitors to start a chat while browsing through different pages on your website. Be sure to also optimize your chat buttons for mobile devices to allow for a seamless chat experience regardless of where visitors are browsing.

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Measuring and optimizing your proactive chat strategy

Using Google Analytics to Measure Proactive Chat Engagement

So, you’ve set up some automated proactive chat invitations on your website and visitors are responding to your messages. Excellent!  You’re well on your way to better customer engagement!

But proactive chat is not a set-it-and-forget-it solution. As with any customer engagement strategy, ongoing evaluation and optimization is the only way to achieve continued growth.

Your SnapEngage Admin Dashboard gives you some overview analytics on Proactive v. Reactive Engagement, which provides a high-level snapshot of how your visitors are interacting with your chat buttons and proactive invitations.

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