How To Get Your Website Visitors To Chat With You

It’s Not You, It’s Me.

Live chat is much like a dating game. You can flaunt chat buttons all over your website and dish out the best pick-up lines to try to kindle a relationship with your website visitors, but in the end, your visitors are in control of swiping left and rejecting your invitation, or swiping right to explore more about what you have to offer.

Live chat software doesn’t have much use if nobody’s chatting. So, how do you maximize opportunities to talk with your website visitors? Here are a few tips to increase awareness and get more prospects and customers chatting with you.

Get Noticed

If your web visitors can’t see you, how will they talk with you? Make sure your chat buttons are strategically placed on your website so that visitors have easy access to start a conversation with your team. Use a floating button and/or consider adding chat buttons in the header and footer of your website so there is a consistent display and access point for visitors to start a chat while browsing through different pages on your website. Be sure to also optimize your chat buttons for mobile devices to allow for a seamless chat experience regardless of where visitors are browsing.

Make The First Move

Don’t sit back and wait for your visitors to talk to you. Use intelligent, targeted proactive chat invitations to initiate conversations with your prospects and customers.

Include A Link In Your Email Signature

Consider including a link to chat in your email signature. This helps provide awareness for your customers across your various communication channels and further encourages interaction with your chat tools. BONUS: Increased interaction through live chat will help boost customer satisfaction and cut down on emails and support tickets by addressing clients’ needs in real-time.

live chat in email

Enable SMS Chat

Text messages are becoming the preferred method of communication, particularly among the up-and-coming millennial generation. SnapEngage’s SMS Chat feature allows your customers and prospects to send a text message to a specified phone number, initiating a chat session with your agents within the SnapEngage Chat Portal. Some sample use cases for SMS Chat include:

  • Invoices and billing statements
    Include your ‘Text-to-Chat’ number on all invoices to handle billing inquiries and cut down on phone calls, emails and support tickets.
  • Packing slips
    Print your ‘Text-to-Chat’ number on packing slips to address questions, comments, concerns about customer orders.
  • Advertising materials and business cards
    Invite your prospects to start a chat by simply texting a phone number – no need to navigate to your website and find your chat button.

SMS Chat In Action

Check out two (very different) examples of SnapEngage customers leveraging SMS Chat.

sms live chat text live chat
 U.S. Patriot Tactical delivers
excellent customer service to
their retail and e-commerce customers.
The City of Evanston uses
SMS Chat for their
community 311 Services.

Be Social

In today’s consumer landscape, customer engagement and support expands far beyond the confines of your website. Why not talk to your customers where they’re already communicating. SnapEngage offers tools to advance your customer service efforts through social engagement, enabling real-time communications in Facebook and Twitter.


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