A More Powerful SnapEngage + HubSpot Integration

Convert More Leads With
SnapEngage + HubSpot

The SnapEngage + HubSpot integration just got a whole lot better! We’ve updated our native integration with HubSpot to provide more actionable insights for your sales team to turn passive website visitors into qualified leads and valued customers. A few notable features and benefits of the enhanced integration are highlighted below.

Automatically create new leads and update existing contacts when you chat with your website visitors

When you chat with new website visitors, SnapEngage will automatically send your lead’s contact information into HubSpot at the close of a chat. For returning chatters, SnapEngage will display your contact’s information to your chat agent so your team always knows who they’re chatting with and what was said.

View chat transcripts in contact timelines

The most noteworthy update associated with our enhanced HubSpot integration is the ability to now view full chat transcripts directly in a contact’s timeline, providing a 360 degree view of your customers at any given time.

SnapEngage HubSpot integration timeline view

In order to see chat events, make sure the ‘SnapEngage events’ box is checked in your Timeline filter options. Click on ‘Show Details’ within the chat event to display the full chat transcript.

SnapEngage events in HubSpot timeline

Qualify and score leads from chat activities

HubSpot offers powerful lead qualification tools to maximize your sales team’s nurturing efforts, and the SnapEngage + HubSpot integration allows you to use live chat events and properties to score leads within the HubSpot interface.

HubSpot lead scoring

Leverage HubSpot’s list segmentation and workflows to nurture your chat contacts

The SnapEngage + HubSpot integration allows you to use chat event and property criteria to create lists and trigger workflows within HubSpot for more intelligent and integrated lead nurturing campaigns.

For more information on some of the updates associated with this release, you can refer to our previously posted documentation on the v.1 HubSpot Integration.