Yikes! You Mean Even My Chat Solution Now Has To Be “Secure”?

If you operate in any of the more than 26 states with new privacy laws going into effect, Yes.


Check out this recent article from Axios for a quick overview of the rapidly changing world of privacy in the U.S.

So what does that have to do with chat?

Chat is one of the best ways to engage with clients and website visitors. But companies can no longer have just any chat platform. Like all of their data systems that could send or store personal information (names, addresses, emails, financial info, etc.), the chat platforms will need to meet new privacy law requirements that will protect that data.

As more and more states in the United States are enacting data privacy laws (following data privacy laws in the European Union), we want to remind you of a few helpful security best practices to look into as you research SaaS products, and specifically, chat providers.

1. Securely manage all confidential data


Confidential information comes in the form of personal identifying information–basically any information that when used together, could let an outsider identify and/or find the person. It also includes credit card information, images of customers or prospects, Social Security numbers, and more. Keep your business compliant with up-to-date security requirements and provide site visitors and clients peace of mind.


“We must adhere to strict security regulations from highly regulated states like California. Compliance with GDPR and HIPAA was a key factor in selecting SnapEngage as a partner.” 

Marketing Innovation Manager at a global moving company

2. View and filter all live chat account changes


As your business grows, more and more individuals may have access and accounts within your data systems. Having a proper audit system in place provides much-needed checks and balances when monitoring account changes.


“In addition to HIPAA compliance, the ability to send and receive images and secure data is indispensable. These are ‘WOW’ factors for our clients, they are amazed.”



-Jenna Vallejo, COO, Potomac Pediatrics


3. If you do business internationally, be aware of GDPR


The European Union (EU) has had data privacy laws in place for quite some time. Called the General Data Protection Regulation, it mandates strict requirements for any business doing business with European or UK customers. Look for software that satisfies the EU’s data privacy laws, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Aligning your business with GDPR allows for secure communication with clients in the Americas and the EU.


4. If you’re a healthcare provider or service those organizations, safeguard patient data

HIPAA-compliance: Usually reserved for United States healthcare providers or any business possessing Protected Health Information (PHI), and is considered one of the most intense forms of compliance for the commitment to privacy, security, and transactions. If your business or state has in-depth security laws, HIPAA compliance, as the gold standard, is a safe avenue to take.


Choosing new software for your business is not easy. Use your internal team and don’t be afraid to reach out to other industry experts to see what has worked for them. Use your community to make informed decisions, and be prepared to learn as you go. The right software can upgrade your business in a big way, be patient in the process.

Building An Award-Winning Chat Support Team

Part 1 – The Basics


There are plenty of reasons why you should be leveraging live chat at your company. But just implementing a chat solution doesn’t mean you will instantly reap these benefits. Just like every other aspect of your business, you must invest in this strategy in order to make it succeed. 

In this series, we are going to share some of the best practices that keep the Best Support Stevie Awards flowing in the door at SnapEngage. We’re all striving to reach as high of a Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) as possible; you can use this as your guide.  

Let’s start with the basics in this initial piece.


1. Agent photos

A more detailed blog post on Agent Photos was recently published, but if you’re looking for the quick hitter version, here are four tips for taking engaging agent photos:


  • Smile! Visitors like a smiling face greeting them.
  • Use a longer focal length as studies show that they make you look more competent and trustworthy.
  • When taking the actual photo, have the light source facing the subject or you will mask the details of the agent’s face.
  • The worst thing you can do is have an avatar representing your humans!


2. Response time


You purchased chat to provide your customers with more timely responses at scale, so you should measure your agents against response time to assure a great chat experience for your visitors: 

  • Individual agent performance metrics are available in your chat application.
  • 15 seconds is a good target, but high-performing chat teams average no more than 12 seconds per an initial response.
  • You don’t need to solve every case immediately, ask for contact info and let your visitor know you will get back to them with an answer.
  • The worst thing you can do is activate chat and not have anyone answering the line!

“15 seconds is a good target,

but high-performing chat teams

average no more than 12 seconds

per an initial response.”

3. Practice empathy


You’re on your quest for that 97% Customer Satisfaction Score, you have agent photos and you are initially responding to chats within 12 seconds – what’s missing? EMPATHY! You are the first line of defense for your company, chatting with customers who are potentially frustrated or looking for a resolution. Take a deep breath and try considering the importance of:

“Be more interested than interesting”

  • Acknowledgment: Get on the same page (be more interested than interesting) to discover the root issue.
  • Transparency: Let the client know what you are doing each step of the way to set up realistic expectations.
  • Feedback: Get accurate information and feedback from clients / give accurate information back.
  • Follow-up: At times a resolution can’t be found on chat and you need to escalate additional information. Be sure to collect a good email address from the client and check-in during the process to reassure and further comfort them.
  • The worst thing you can do is not care, so show a little empathy for crying out loud!

Follow these three best practices and you’ll be well on your way to boosted Customer Satisfaction scores.

Already doing these things well, are you? Looking to level-up? In Part 2 we’ll get into the advanced best practices that bring home the gold!


International Audiences Are Now Within Reach With Auto-Translate


Auto-Translate Live Chat

The world is getting smaller, especially in the world of technology and communication. A conversation can happen in moments rather than weeks or months. To keep up with growing levels of globalization, it is necessary to have the ability and skill to communicate with international prospects and clients.

It’s time to boost your CSAT and global reach by speaking your customer’s language. Here are four reasons you should be using live chat with auto-translation capabilities.  


1. Gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace

Having a global presence sounds like a great idea. But becoming an international player is easier said than done. There are often significant costs involved and international strategies can take months and years to develop. However, there are ways to increase your international presence without adding obscene costs and lengthy timelines. Using a chat platform with real-time language translation is an effective way to communicate with clients and prospects locally and internationally. It’s time to transform the conversations you are already having and open your product up to the world.

With our new Auto-Translate feature, you can automatically detect and translate over 100 languages into your preferred language – directly within the chat conversation. Auto-Translate works seamlessly across multiple channels, including your website, Facebook Messenger, and SMS-to-chat. This provides a consistent communication experience for both site visitors and chat agents alike.  



2. Overcome communication barriers


A major piece of the global market pie is having an international team. Team members that natively speak your target prospects’ languages are an amazing asset. They can also be expensive and difficult to onboard and keep in the loop depending on where a company is headquartered and their international resources.

For those dipping their toes into the international world for the first time, Auto-Translate allows you to:

  • Optimize your existing chat team: Auto-Translate works as a natural communication channel between international prospects and clients of all languages, meaning you do not have to grow your company exponentially to have conversations with those who speak a different language.
  • Meet prospects in their space while saving time: Natural language detection means your chat agents are not frantically trying to search the web for translations. The conversation can continue in a timely manner while keeping all parties on the same page.
  • Make your team more successful: Think about it – you have just given your sales representatives the opportunity to connect with prospects all over the world. If that’s not a gift, we’re not sure what is.
  • Have meaningful conversations: As the flow of conversations become easier, your chat team will have the opportunity and power to share meaningful details on your product or service to further educate your client base.

3. Diversify your product offering


Give yourselves the opportunity to market to the international community. You may even discover that your product can be used for a different function that you thought, and you have the opportunity to gather product feedback from an exponentially larger and more diverse customer base.

Using a diversified sales chat strategy, you give yourself the opportunity to:

  • Increase the reach of your current product offering
  • Reach additional markets 
  • Increase profitability
  • Generate higher sales volume

4. Showcase outstanding customer service to the global market


Auto-Translate gives you the chance to deliver value to new and existing clients in an innovative way, all the while strengthening your brand image. Chat is already an excellent avenue for customer engagement – now take it a step further by engaging with more diverse clients in the languages they prefer. This will improve customer satisfaction, strengthen your overall brand and turn your clients into raving fans. Global communication will also open the door to your business becoming an industry thought leader.

If you haven’t already, check out and subscribe to our blog to be the first to know about new features like Auto-Translate. If you are ready to chat with the world and begin having more meaningful conversations, check out our Auto-Translate guide with step-by-step directions to get started.

A Day in the Life of the SnapEngage UI/UX Director

Coffee with SnapEngage 

Our clients are global and so are we. Culture is more than a word, culture is how we live and work every day. Join us in welcoming Jackson Carson, our UI/UX Director, in our Coffee with SnapEngage series which celebrates SnapEngage employee culture and our mission to connect people wherever they are.

When you chat with us, you are always chatting with a real member of our team; it’s about time you meet them. Today we learn about Jackson, all things regarding UI/UX, and exciting upcoming projects.


1. Tell us a little about yourself. 

My mission is to bring delight to the world through music, photography, and user experience design and strategy.


2. Share a bit about your role within SnapEngage. 

As UX/UI Director at SnapEngage, I help build the bridge between the founders’ vision and their customers’ needs, with delight as the magical element that binds them.


3. What exactly is UI and UX? Are they different?

Many people are confused about the difference between UX and UI. UX stands for ‘user experience’ and UI stands for ‘user interface’. I like to think of UX as being is about people. UX addresses what the user feels and thinks while engaging in your product or service. What are their expectations? What is their mental model? What are their emotions and thoughts? Is their experience effortless? Is it confusing? Are they delighted? Miserable?

UI is more about the cosmetics of the design and what the user sees or hears. How do the buttons and icons look? Is it visually integrated with your brand? A good visual interface should be pleasing to the eye, accessible by sight challenged users, and be well integrated with the surrounding environment in which the interface exists. “It’s very attractive” or “I love how the new feature looks in the app” would be praises you might hear about a UI.

The two go hand-in-hand. A beautiful interface can be ruined by a clunky or confusing navigation just as a brilliant user flow can turn sour with an unattractive interface. These days, users expect a higher aesthetic in the interfaces they use. A delightful experience requires that interfaces look good. But it’s not just about cosmetics. As the saying goes, you just can’t put lipstick on a pig. A good UX should mean that the user doesn’t have to think. Users will say “it just works” or “it’s super easy to use”.


As UX/UI Director at SnapEngage, I help build the bridge between the founders’ vision and their customers’ needs, with delight as the magical element that binds them.

-Jackson, UI/UX Director


4. What is an exciting project you’re working on currently?

I’m super excited to be working towards a more cohesive brand and experience across SnapEngage in our communications and product.


5. What makes SnapEngage stand out?

We are a strong incumbent with some of the most powerful features around. And we live our mission every day of connecting people and helping them reach their goals.


6. What is your favorite thing about working for SnapEngage?

The people! Our team is so well-intentioned, talented, and has amazing tenacity to get stuff done. I’m so proud to be working with this group of amazing people!


7. What piece of advice would you give a new employee starting in the software space?

Listen to your customer and always learn.


8. Why is chat essential to companies?

Chat is a great channel to connect with your users in a way that is both personable and efficient.


9. How do you collaborate with the other teams in the organization?

I work across most of the business. Whether it’s strategic planning with the product team or helping Sales and Marketing put their best foot forward.


Jackson takes photographs in his spare time, including these here! Check out more photographs on his website: https://www.jxnpx.com/