Live Chat Accessibility And The ADA

Live Chat Accessibility And The ADA

Digital accessibility means making the internet more welcoming and accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. SnapEngage is committed to serving the needs of all types of demographics and delivering high-value conversations to our clients and our clients’ users.

How SOC 2 Reports Ensure Cloud-based Data Security

Business today means cloud-based data processing. Companies that outsource to SaaS cloud-based service providers need to make sure that their integrity is maintained throughout their entire data supply chain. In this era of increased data privacy legislation, if your...

What Happens in a HIPAA Breach?

What happens in a HIPAA breach? Even if you’re HIPAA compliant, you’re not immune to data breaches. In today’s increasingly digital environment, data breaches are a common and unfortunate occurrence. The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights...

GDPR: What US Companies Need to Know

A common misconception by US companies is that the GDPR only applies to companies in Europe. If you’re a US company, and you collect or process the data of any EU citizens residing anywhere in the world, you need to pay attention to GDPR.