4 Black Friday Lessons for Business and Life

4 Lessons we can learn from Black Friday

We often talk about Hallmark Holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and let’s not forget all the random days for celebration in between – Did you know that today is also National Bavarian Cream Pie Day? We won’t get into the history of Black Friday here, but we all know about the hype that it stirs up for retailers, shoppers (and vocal protestors) the day after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday

Whether you’re among the wrestling crowds or you choose to take REI’s well-publicized #OptOutside stance, Black Friday has a lot to teach us about business, life and human nature. Continue reading “4 Black Friday Lessons for Business and Life”

New and Improved Live Chat Analytics

More intuitive display and additional agent performance reporting

These days, every strategic decision is a result of how we interpret data, which is why we have made some recent enhancements to your Live Chat Analytics. These updates include more user-friendly displays and additional agent performance reporting capabilities. Continue reading “New and Improved Live Chat Analytics”

Week of November 9th Release Notes: Mobile Optimized, Microsoft Dynamics, & More

In between watching Hotline Bling memes we’ve released these feature improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in mobile optimized chat where visitors were unable to close the chat.
  • Fixed a bug with the MS Dynamics integration where Javascript variables were not able to be mapped to Dynamics fields and instead being set to ‘undefined’.
  • Improved our detection of visitors using the Opera browser
  • Added ability for users to change the “{alias} says…” message that their chat visitors see inside their browser tab, see screenshots below for how to change this message. This browser tab message is visible in most browser tabs, except in Safari.


configure messages tab

samdit settings



Week of November 6th Release Notes

Happy November! Here are the latest fixes…

  • Fixed an issue where iOS users of our mobile app weren’t receiving push notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where the saving of agent survey data could in extremely rare cases also affect other data collected during the chat.
  • Fixed a bug with Enterprise accounts where users were not able to add a new widget without being sent to the upgrade page. You are now able to create up to 100 widgets with your account level, happy widget-creating!
  • Improved the communication fallback mechanism in the Chat Portal when there are network local connectivity issues.
  • Fixed an issue where sound notifications were not playing in Chrome when the Chat Portal tab was in the background or not selected.
  • Released the SOLO plan