New and Improved Live Chat Analytics

More intuitive display and additional agent performance reporting

These days, every strategic decision is a result of how we interpret data, which is why we have made some recent enhancements to your Live Chat Analytics. These updates include more user-friendly displays and additional agent performance reporting capabilities.

Overview Breakdown Report

SnapEngage’s Overview Report is intended to provide a high-level view of chat activity within a given timeframe. This homepage of your Analytics Dashboard shows a breakdown of online v. offline chats, and of those incoming chats, how many were proactive v. reactive (manual online) and responded v. not responded.

live chat overview report

In addition to a more intuitive display of your incoming chat breakdown, we’ve also added a new donut chart that provides an instant snapshot of your chat activity so you can more easily identify trends and areas for improvement.

Agent Transfer Reports

SnapEngage’s new Agent Transfer Reports provide a breakdown of chats transferred between widgets and agents, along with agent reassignments and failed transfers. These reports are intended to provide insights into widget setup and agent performance.

Live Chat Agent Transfer Reports

For instance, suppose you are seeing frequent transfers between your sales and support widgets. This could indicate a need to evaluate where your sales and support widget codes are installed on your website pages. Or maybe there is a lot of transfer activity from certain agents. This could be a sign of an agent being set up on a proactive chat that they should not be on.

Stay tuned for more enhancements to your live chat analytics, and let us know of any additional reporting feedback or requests.

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