New Easter Theme for your Chat Box

We know everyone loves the ability to customize their SnapEngage chat box. We also know that many people like to decorate for the holidays! Well we went ahead and put two and two together; we created an Easter themed chat box to use on your site because we thought it would be fun. Starting today you are free to use the Easter themed chat box on your site, I mean who can resist a cute bunny and pastels!

SnapEngage Easter themed chat box

To enable this bunniful theme you will need to make a small change to your SnapEngage code. You are looking for snapabug.js in your widget code, easiest thing to do is a ctrl+F and search directly for snapabug.js

After you have located it you will want to replace it with snapengage-easter.js After you have done that you will be all set! Pat yourself on the back, it looks “eggsalent” 🙂

We hope to continue adding to a library of themes for all our users to access. What do you think? Any special requests?

SnapEngage + Chat and Screen Share Join Forces

We have been very busy over in the SnapEngage laboratory cooking up all sorts of exciting new features, integrations & plugins. Thankfully we have managed to keep the explosions to a minimum *this time*. From this magic mix of toil, sweat and creativity we have given life to our latest plugin! Today we would like to invite you to join us in welcoming! Logo

Now you are most likely asking yourself, “Self, what is” Well let me tell you, may be the simplest screen share app we have ever met, period. Direct from their site:

“It’s an impromptu online meeting space, the opportunity to share your screen to collaborate, meet, train, demo or show-off, and the last two words in an invitation.

I don’t think I have to tell you just how awesome chat + screen share is. In the history of matches made in heaven there is peanut butter + jelly, peanut butter + chocolate, peanut butter +… well you get the idea and then there was SnapEngage +

Here you can see Jerome showing a customer his back end.

With the plugin you can now start a screen share directly from a chat with a visitor. There are actually two ways you can use

  • 1st you can use share to start a session with your website visitors. (Places the agent in control of the visitor’s screen)
  • 2nd you can use view to provide your website visitor with a screen sharing link. (Allows the visitor to share his screen with the agent)

To get started using this great plugin simply login to your SnapEngage account and go to the “Plugins” tab. If you don’t yet have a account do not fear we have included a link to sign up for their free trial.

As always we want to hear from you, how do you think will impact your business? What cool creative ways will it allow to you to provide awesome customer service?