Introducing: File Exchange For Chat

Your Agents and Visitors Will Thank You

live chat file sharingAll users now have the ability to exchange files with visitors during a chat!

How many times have you been in a chat and wished you could send an image or document rather than typing a lengthy explanation? With SnapEngage’s new File Exchange feature, you can now share screenshots, product images, documents and so much more right in the chat window! This feature is exclusively available to agents within the Chat Portal.

Your sales and support services just got a whole lot better!

Send files to a visitor during chat

live chat file sharing
live chat file sharing

Request files from a visitor during chat

live chat file sharing

Receive a file from an offline/prechat visitor*

live chat file sharing
*If your widget uses a custom form, this feature must be manually added to your custom form code by a SnapEngage developer, if there is ample space to place the feature in your custom form. To find out if this feature can be added to your custom form, please chat with us or email us. If your widget does not use a custom form, this feature will automatically be added to your prechat/offline form.

Integration Support

Receive the files as attachments after the close of a conversation.

Email Integration – If your account is set up with an email integration, the email transcript that you receive at the end of a conversation will also contain any file attachments (assuming files were exchanged).

ZenDesk Integration – If your account is set up with a ZenDesk integration, the ZenDesk ticket that is created at the end of a conversation will also contain any file attachments (assuming files were exchanged).

How to Enable/Disable This Feature

To disable this feature for any of your widgets, visit your admin dashboard (Settings -> Options), and then uncheck this new setting at the bottom of the page.


In the Works

The following features/settings are currently in the works and will be released at a later date. Stay tuned to the blog for updates!

Admin dashboard settings – Option to whitelist/blacklist specific filetypes (i.e. .jpg, .doc, .pdf, etc.)

Security settings – Option to permanently delete the exchanged files from the SnapEngage server after the close of a conversation

Mobile optimized chat integration – Swap files with your mobile visitors

More integration support – Let us know which ones you would love to see!

We would love your feedback! Chat with us or email us anytime.

Introducing: SMS Chat

SMS Chat Is Here

We’ve added yet another way for your customers to engage with you while they’re on the go. With text messaging quickly becoming a preferred method of communication across demographics, SnapEngage’s new SMS-to-Chat feature allows your visitors to communicate with your agents via SMS text message.

The Admin Dashboard now provides you with the ability to select and manage your phone numbers so that your agents can interact with your customers just like any other chat.


1. Login to your Admin Dashboard.
2. Click on the ‘Text’ icon in your Settings tab.
3. Select your preferred phone number and click the ‘buy’ button.
(Repeat for additional phone numbers on subsequent widgets.)
4. Engage with your customers just like any other chat.



Select Your Preferred Phone Number

Select your country (currently only offered for US and Canada) and preferred area code to view a list of available phone numbers. Select your preferred number* and click the ‘buy’ button. Yes. It’s that easy!

SnapEngage SMS Chat Feature

UPDATE: You can now enable your existing phone number (landlines only) to receive incoming SMS text messages from customers. We require proof of ownership for the phone number (i.e. invoice) and completion of a TSS Registry form for 800 numbers. Once submitted, setup takes approximately 2 weeks.

Interested in setting up your existing number to receive incoming SMS chats?
Email Us or Start a Chat

Agent-Driven Canned Messages

Agents are notified and can interact with incoming SMS chats in the same way that they are accustomed to handling other chats, including use of shortcuts or pre-populated canned messages. Customers receive quicker responses and agents spend less time typing. It’s a WIN-WIN!

Intelligent Agent Routing

Our intelligent agent routing feature recognizes your agent chat load and distributes your incoming SMS chats to available agents. And a bonus for Plus and Premier accounts:  Establish agent tiers to customize message distribution to specific agents!

Offline Messaging

Don’t leave your customers hanging. Set up an automated response during off-business hours prompting your customers to leave a message for your agents to follow up later.

SnapEngage SMS Chat Offline Message

SMS Threading & Logging

Your SMS chats are automatically grouped and stored by phone number so your agents and administrators can easily access chat history in transcript logs.

Unlimited Messages – Low Flat Monthly Rate

Don’t worry about trying to keep track of your inbound and outbound message counts. We charge a low, flat monthly fee of $25-$35 per phone number for unlimited text messages.**

*Each widget requires its own unique phone number.
**Beginning July 1, 2015, users who have participated in the beta testing period for the SMS Chat feature will be charged $25-$35/month per active phone number.


How one SnapEngage customer is using SMS chat

City Unveils New Text 311 ServiceCity of Evanston SnapEngage SMS Chat

Evanston City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz today unveiled a new service that will let residents easily send text messages from their mobile phones to the city’s 311 information center, but said a similar connection to the 911 emergency service may be a year or more away.

Bobkiewicz said that with the popularity of another recent feature — an online-merchant-style customer support chat service on the city website — he’s now convinced the new text messaging service will be quite popular.

About 2,000 people have used the chat tool in the past six months, Storlie said, compared to over 70,000 phone calls to the 311 line in the same period.

Stowe said the city has used the web chat service from SnapEngage so 311 operators can deal with both types of messages using the same interface on their computer monitors.


Questions? Chat with us!

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Introducing: Mobile Optimized Chat

May 12, 2015

Your customers are mobile, and now so are all of your favorite SnapEngage chat features

Our newly improved mobile-optimized visitor chat window automatically detects when users are on a mobile device and allows your visitors to seamlessly interact with your agents. And better yet, your admin dashboard settings allow you to customize the look-and-feel of your mobile chat window to best represent your brand.

mobile optimized live chat by SnapEngage

mobile-optimized-chatProactive Chat Support

Now you can send targeted proactive chat invitations to mobile website visitors in addition to desktop users. And the best part is that the same rules that you set up for desktop chat automatically carry over to mobile, so you only need to configure your rules once.

Offline Request Support

No agents online? Not a problem. Our offline form allows your mobile visitors to leave a message (with their email address) for your agents to follow-up later.

Customizable Styles

Within your admin dashboard, use the mobile browser style settings (shown above) to configure your chat window and buttons, including positioning, colors and text. And for those of you who want custom images, hang tight… this release will be coming down the pipeline.

Dynamic Chat Window

The mobile optimized visitor chat window is semi-transparent, allowing users to reference their location on your website while in the chat window. Visitors can also minimize or expand the chat window at any time, enabling them to browse through your website while maintaining their conversation with your agents.

Improved Support for Non-Responsive Pages

Regardless of how your website renders on mobile devices, the new mobile-optimized visitor chat interface has been configured for mobile-friendly display to your visitors. So even if some (or all) of the pages on your website are not yet mobile-friendly, at least your chat is.

Javascript API

For our more advanced users with current desktop Javascript API customizations, our first release of the mobile-optimized visitor chat feature partially supports with full support coming soon. For more details on how your code could be affected, please contact our support team via chat or email.

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