Live Chat Features

Our live chat software has a ton of features, and they are
going to make a big difference for you and your team.

Intelligent Integration
We integrate with the workflow you're already using, then we make it work better. Take a look at all the CRM and Helpdesk solutions we already work with, and know that we're adding more all the time.


Look and Feel Customization
Customize everything! The chat window, agent photos, Help-, Chat-, and Contact-buttons.


Live Chat Mobile App for iOS and Android
Mobile App for iOS and Android
Our live chat app for iOS and Android allows you to engage with your website visitors while on-the-go, so you never miss another sales or support opportunity.


sms text to chat
SMS Chat
Our Text-to-Chat feature allows your visitors to initiate a chat and communicate with your agents via SMS text message while maintaining the same user-friendly chat portal interface for your agents.


file sharing with live chat
File Exchange
Agents and visitors can share images and other files with the click of a button - all within the chat window!


PCI Compliance Live Chat
Secure Data – PCI Compliance
Agents can safely collect credit cards, social security numbers and secure notes “off the record” directly in the chat window. (Available on PLUS and higher plans.)


mobile optimized live chat
Our mobile-optimized visitor chat window automatically detects when users are on a mobile device and allows your visitors to seamlessly interact with your agents.


HIPAA compliance for live chat
HIPAA Compliance
SnapEngage supports our customers’ compliance with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).


SnapEngage Live Chat Support
Awesome Support
We're happy to answer your questions and provide solutions. With offices in both Europe and the US, we're available when you need us. We also provide training and guide you through agent on-boarding.


post live chat survey
Post Chat Surveys
Gather visitor feedback at the conclusion of each chat to evaluate customer happiness, gauge agent performance and identify areas for improvement.


live chat visitor information
Advanced Chat Portal
No software to install. Just sign in and you're ready to chat from anywhere. Our easy and powerful interface gives you the abilities and information you need.

Proactive Invitations
SnapEngage automatically invites your visitors to chat, so you don't have to waste time monitoring unresponsive chats. You and your team can focus on only those visitors who want to talk.

SnapEngage will not impact your website's initial-load performance thanks to Asynchronous Loading.

Unlimited Sites
SnapEngage works across all of your internet properties.

Agent Picture
Agent portraits create a more personal engagement experience for visitors. Don't just ask how you can help, ask it with a smile.

Simple Offline Form
Your live chat support team may not be available 24 hours a day. That's okay. Visitors can leave a simple message for your team to address later.

Instead of trying to explain where to find the answer, simply direct your visitor's web browser directly to the page they've been looking for.

Using different chat widgets for different departments, websites, and languages will help you provide more efficient service to your visitors.

Our product is designed to be flexible. You can use our API to develop your own plugins and extensions.


Google Analytics Integration
Measure your live chat engagement from the analytics solution you're already using with Google Analytics integration. (Spoiler alert: it's going to be big.)

Real Time Activity Monitoring
Our Real-Time dashboard gives your team leader an overview of agents' activity.

Easy Chat Transfers
With the click of a button, transfer a chat to another agent, another support tier, or another department.

live chat assignment rules
Flexible Assignment Rule
Choose between Round Robin and Broadcast style, create assignment rules so your agents don't get overwhelmed.

live chat call me feature
Call Me Requests
With the click of a button, visitors can request a direct phone call from your agents.

international live chat languages
Available in 30 languages for your website visitors. We support all special/non-latin characters. Operator interface and SnapEngage support available in English, German, French, and Spanish.

live chat in Facebook
Facebook Fan Page Chat
Chat directly with your fans and followers from inside Facebook while still taking advantage of the unique features SnapEngage provides.

knowledge base access in live chat
Knowledge Database
Search your knowledgebase right from the chat dashboard.

live chat without popup
No Ugly Pop-Up
Our chat won't be blocked by a Pop-Up Blocker because it's not a pop-up! The chat window lives right on top of your website, in the same window.

secure live chat
TRUSTe Certified, SafeHarbor compliant, encrypted on your SSL website, other advanced security options available as well.

persistent chat feature
Persistent Chat
The chat window stays up and stays in synch as your visitor browses through the pages of your site.

live chat canned responses
Shortcut Messages
Speed up your agents' support chats by creating shortcuts to often-used responses and co-browsing redirects.

live chat javascript variables
Javascript Variables
We can collect additional information for you about your visitors. For example: grabbing their info based on your site's Javascript.

live chat hours of operation
Hours of Operation
Set your team's hours and schedule, then offer visitors different contact options when they're offline.

Configurable Click-to-Chat Buttons
Use one of our provided buttons, use your own button, or write your own HTML and Text. Place the button anywhere on your website: floating, at the window's edge, or inline on the page. Choose different buttons for when your team is online and offline.

live chat social media discovery feature
Social Discovery
We can pull information about your visitors from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Klout and 22 other potential profiles.

live chat easy installation
It’s easy to install
Be up and running in no time. Sign up for your free trial and be ready to chat with your website visitors in minutes.