Introducing: Mobile Optimized Chat

May 12, 2015

Your customers are mobile, and now so are all of your favorite SnapEngage chat features

Our newly improved mobile-optimized visitor chat window automatically detects when users are on a mobile device and allows your visitors to seamlessly interact with your agents. And better yet, your admin dashboard settings allow you to customize the look-and-feel of your mobile chat window to best represent your brand.

mobile optimized live chat by SnapEngage

mobile-optimized-chatProactive Chat Support

Now you can send targeted proactive chat invitations to mobile website visitors in addition to desktop users. And the best part is that the same rules that you set up for desktop chat automatically carry over to mobile, so you only need to configure your rules once.

Offline Request Support

No agents online? Not a problem. Our offline form allows your mobile visitors to leave a message (with their email address) for your agents to follow-up later.

Customizable Styles

Within your admin dashboard, use the mobile browser style settings (shown above) to configure your chat window and buttons, including positioning, colors and text. And for those of you who want custom images, hang tight… this release will be coming down the pipeline.

Dynamic Chat Window

The mobile optimized visitor chat window is semi-transparent, allowing users to reference their location on your website while in the chat window. Visitors can also minimize or expand the chat window at any time, enabling them to browse through your website while maintaining their conversation with your agents.

Improved Support for Non-Responsive Pages

Regardless of how your website renders on mobile devices, the new mobile-optimized visitor chat interface has been configured for mobile-friendly display to your visitors. So even if some (or all) of the pages on your website are not yet mobile-friendly, at least your chat is.

Javascript API

For our more advanced users with current desktop Javascript API customizations, our first release of the mobile-optimized visitor chat feature partially supports with full support coming soon. For more details on how your code could be affected, please contact our support team via chat or email.

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