August 21th 2014 Release Notes: Call-me numbers and Hubspot updates


Today we have the following changes:

  • Call-me – Fixed issue where some numbers couldn’t be reached due to numbering ambiguity.
  • Hubspot integration – Using the same portal id with more than one widget will save the authentication settings automatically .
  • Hubspot integration – Fixed an issue when adding properties from Hubspot to SnapEngage Chat Form.

Announcing Our New Integration with Hubspot


Greetings everyone! SnapEngage is proud to announce our native, certified integration with Hubspot! With the new SnapEngage + Hubspot integration, you’ll be able to leverage both online and offline interactions with your website visitors in exciting new ways to maximize your SnapEngage service and convert your leads into sales. Keep track of all SnapEngage chat interactions and leads directly in Hubspot, your all-inclusive marketing platform.

In case you’re already a SnapEngage/Hubspot user and you haven’t given this exciting new integration a try, we recommend that you run – not walk – to your Admin Dashboard to set it up (well, after you finish reading this post of course!). Once you’re there, choose the widget you’d like to use and then click the Integrations tab on the left side. From there you can select the Hubspot icon, and proceed to set up the integration. Connecting to Hubspot is quick and painless; just enter your Hubspot portal information into SnapEngage and you’re all set. Please check out this guide for full instructions on integrating SnapEngage with your Hubspot account.

Let’s dig in and take a closer look at what this new integration can do to enhance your sales and marketing strategies.

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Contact Centers Continue to Find New Ways to Optimize Live Chat

(Today’s Guest Post is brought to you by Scott Brand with Inspirations for Youth Rehab sharing with us some of their successes and thoughts on using live chat)

It is quite obvious that the love affair that consumers have had with Live Chat continues to get stronger and stronger. And the numbers speak for themselves. According to eDigital’s live bank survey, conducted by Econsutancy, a renowned international research and customer service training group, Live Chat has the highest satisfaction level of any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email, 53% for Apps, 50% for posts, 48% for Social Media, 44% for phone, and 41% for SMS. Continue reading “Contact Centers Continue to Find New Ways to Optimize Live Chat”

August 12th 2014 Release Notes: Updates in analytics, call-me for India and Basecamp integration

Good morning,

Here are today’s changes:

  • Analytics
    • Agent select table for Survey report now shows data using the same icons used in the actual survey
    • Fix for issue where Widget select filter was not visible on initial load of Overview report
    • Distributed line charts for Agent performance report now shows selection of individual agents
  • Call-me: India added to our supported countries for the Call-Me feature
  • Basecamp integration: Fixed issue where Basecamp gets automatically disconnected for customers having no use for a few weeks


August 11th 2014 Release Notes: Agent Survey Customized Messages, Intelligent Pre-Chat

Greetings everyone,

We hope you had a good weekend. For today we have the following changes:

  • The messages for the agent survey can now be customized
  • The Intelligent Pre-Chat will show the standard pre-chat form prior to starting a chat
  • The use of desktop notifications in Chat Portal have been streamlined so that the same notification is reused for each message per chat, rather than creating a new notifications for each message.

August 7th 2014 Release Notes: Hubspot settings load and Salesforce company name field

Publish date:

August 5, 2014

Hello everyone,

We have a few updates for today:

  • Fixed an issue for validating connection between Hubspot and SnapEngage in the Integration settings.
  • Salesforce – for customers using Sales workflow (creating Leads) and Person accounts, the company field is not mandatory in Lead creation. In case you don’t want the company field to be added to the Lead, you can create the following custom mapping: company-mapping
  • The agent survey report now displays the type of survey that is currently selected in the Options tab.
  • Fixed an HTML issue when offline cases were sent to ZenDesk
  • Agent status data will no longer be available for legacy stats, this data is available in the new Analytics
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