Announcing Our New Integration with Hubspot


Greetings everyone! SnapEngage is proud to announce our native, certified integration with Hubspot! With the new SnapEngage + Hubspot integration, you’ll be able to leverage both online and offline interactions with your website visitors in exciting new ways to maximize your SnapEngage service and convert your leads into sales. Keep track of all SnapEngage chat interactions and leads directly in Hubspot, your all-inclusive marketing platform.

In case you’re already a SnapEngage/Hubspot user and you haven’t given this exciting new integration a try, we recommend that you run – not walk – to your Admin Dashboard to set it up (well, after you finish reading this post of course!). Once you’re there, choose the widget you’d like to use and then click the Integrations tab on the left side. From there you can select the Hubspot icon, and proceed to set up the integration. Connecting to Hubspot is quick and painless; just enter your Hubspot portal information into SnapEngage and you’re all set. Please check out this guide for full instructions on integrating SnapEngage with your Hubspot account.

Let’s dig in and take a closer look at what this new integration can do to enhance your sales and marketing strategies.


During live chats between your agents and website visitors, the new Hubspot integration pulls information about the website visitor directly from your Hubspot account and populates it within the SnapEngage Chat Portal. This information can be combined with SnapEngage’s Social Discovery feature for a complete view of the visitor. This gives your chat agents incredible insights into the visitors they’re speaking with, which increases the quality of conversations and gives agents numerous resources to draw upon. After the chat ends, SnapEngage automatically sends the chat transcript over to Hubspot and attaches it to the lead for further tracking and follow up.

The SnapEngage + Hubspot integration can be easily crafted to your particular scenario and goals. Take advantage of our custom mappings feature to populate a wide array of data from online and offline contacts directly into Hubspot. With four available source types to map (SnapEngage, Javascript, Text, Operator Variables) and unlimited custom mappings, you can gather and track specific sets of data. Read our guide on setting up custom mappings for additional details. You can even decide how SnapEngage will update your Hubspot contacts, and when. This allows you to tailor the integration precisely to your needs.


When website visitors contact you during offline hours, SnapEngage captures their messages and sends them directly into your Hubspot forms. This allows you to keep track of everything in one place and follow up with customers and potential leads at your convenience. View your lead timeline in Hubspot, which records all previous touchpoints and chat conversations in chronological order. Be sure to take advantage of Hubspot’s lead scoring feature for additional insight. Build specific metrics to score your leads on, such as their SnapEngage chat interactions. Segmenting and scoring leads will allow your sales team to prioritize certain leads over others to ensure they connect with the most promising leads first.


You can read more about the integration over on the Hubspot website. Have any questions about the new integration, or just want to let us know what you think? Come chat with us today!