Use HubSpot to generate more traffic and convert your leads into sales with SnapEngage.

Keep track of all SnapEngage chat interactions and leads directly in HubSpot, your all-inclusive marketing platform.

  • Automatically create a new lead when you chat with a new website visitor
  • Record touchpoints and transcripts and attach them to contacts
  • Gather information about visitors you’re chatting with via SnapEngage social discovery and HubSpot contact information
  • Leverage HubSpot prospect tracking
  • Score leads based on chat interactions in order to segment and prioritize your prospects

No programming required, just enter your HubSpot portal information into SnapEngage and you’re ready to go.

SnapEngage HubSpot timeline

When you are online, SnapEngage lets you chat with your website visitors and retrieves detailed contact information from HubSpot, so you always know who you are talking to. Live chat transcripts are automatically sent to HubSpot, keeping all your conversation history in one place. Be sure to take advantage of custom mapping to tailor the integration to your needs.
When offline and no agents are available to respond to chats, SnapEngage captures customer messages and forwards them into your HubSpot forms so you can follow-up at your convenience. Never miss out on an opportunity again!

Give SnapEngage a try with our 15-Day Free Trial today! You can also read more about the integration on our blog.

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